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Looking for the best handyman services in Avoca IA 51521? Call Service Omaha 402-401-7562 for exterior, interior, residential and commercial handyman services, top home maintenance, business handyman maintenance, repair service, carpentry, tile installation, handyman drywall installation, fence install and repair, electrical repairs, handyman painting, general plumbing,  roofing, handyman gutter repair, floor windows doors repairs, handyman remodeling, drywall repair contractor, renovation, construction company in Avoca IA. Top quality work guaranteed at an affordable price. Our handyman service cost is as low as $49. Service Omaha 402-401-7562 serves customers throughout Avoca IA Omaha Council Bluffs with professional handyman home repair and improvements with great reviews. We also offer Avoca IA moving services, Avoca IA junk removal and hauling, commercial residential house office cleaning services, janitorial services for buildings and lawn care services. If you need a General Contractor in Avoca IA, junk removal company in Avoca IA, moving company and cleaning company in Avoca IA, call us to schedule us. Free estimates. Best handyman service in Avoca IA! Avoca handymen for hire Near Zip codes: 68007, 68010, 68022, 68102, 68104, 68105, 68106, 68107, 68108, 68110, 68111, 68112, 68114, 68116, 68117, 68118, 68122, 68124, 68127, 68130, 68131, 68132, 68134, 68135, 68137, 68142, 68144, 68147, 68152, 68154, 68157, 68164, 68178.





CONTACT: (402) 401 – 7562

SERVICES: Handyman, Home Repair, Installation, Flooring, Assembly, Remodeling, House Renovation, Cabinet Installation, Door and Window Repair, Plumbing Fixture Repair, House Painter, Residential Remodeling, Building Addition, Patio Construction, Concrete Contractor, Foundations Repair, Sidewalk Repair, Driveway Contractor, Flooring, Wood Trim Work, Basement Waterproofing Contractor

HOURS: Monday to Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM



Eppley Handyman Services Omaha

CONTACT: (402) 614 - 0895

SERVICES: Handyman,
Home Repair, Installation, Flooring, Assembly, Remodeling, House Renovation, Cabinet Installation, Door and Window Repair, Plumbing Fixture Repair, Drywall, Concrete Pouring, Concrete Sidewalk Contractor, Concrete and Masonry Services, Driveway Repair, Concrete Contractor, Basement Waterproofing Contractor

HOURS: Monday to Sunday 5 AM – 11 PM



Price Moving Hauling Omaha

CONTACT: (402) 486-3717

Movers & Moving Labor & Load Unload Help & Packing Unpacking, Uhaul Rental Truck Driver, In-House Furniture Arrangement, Appliance Moving, Apartment Moving Labor Help, Junk Removal, Piano Moving, Hot Tub Movers, Hauling Services, House Clean Out, Hot Tub Movers, Heavy Furniture Movers, Furniture Removal, Garage Clean Out, House Junk Removal, Appliance Movers, Appliance Disposal, Refrigerator Removal, Debris Removal

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Omaha Junk Disposal

CONTACT: (402) 590-8092

SERVICES: Junk Removal & Hauling & Furniture Removal, Couch Removal, House Cleanout, Office Cleanout, Storage Unit Cleanout, Garage Cleanout, Basement Cleanout,
Yard Waste Removal, Mattress Removal, Sofa Removal, Hot Tub Removal, TV Removal, Furniture Disposal, Light Demolition, Bathroom Demolition, Kitchen Demolition, Yard Waste Removal, Boat Removal, Lawn Mower Removal, Junk Car Removal, Scrap Metal Pick Up, Appliance Disposal, Freezer Pick Up, Refrigerator Removal, Washer Dryer Disposal, Appliance Movers, Demolition, Bathroom Demolition, Kitchen Demolition, Interior Demolition Services, Demolition Waste Removal, Construction Debris Removal, Demolition Contractor

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Omaha Junk Removal

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Appliance Removal, Attic Cleanout, Basement Cleanout, Building & Office Furniture Removal, Cleaning Services, Commercial Junk Removal, Construction Debris Removal, Couch Removal, Demolition For Renovation Projects, Estate Cleanout, E-Waste Recycling, Foreclosure Cleanout, Furniture Assembly, Garage Cleanout, Handyman, Labor Services, Loading A Moving Truck, Mattress Disposal, Movers, Moving Appliances And Furniture Around Your Home, Refrigerator Removal, Residential Junk Removal, Scrap Metal Removal, Services For Real Estate Agents, Storage Container Packing, Swingset Assembly And Removal, Television Disposal, Tire Removal, Warehouse Cleanout, Waste Management, Yard Clean-Up, Yard Waste Removal, Home Clean Out, House Clean Out, Storage Unit Clean Out

HOURS: Monday to Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM




Price Cleaning Services Omaha

CONTACT: (402) 575 – 9272

SERVICES: Office Cleaning, House Cleaning,
Building Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Post Construction Cleaning, Maids Service, Move In Out Deep Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Call Center Cleaning, Day Care Cleaning, Pre-Sale Deep House Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Window Washing, Move Out Cleaning Services, Cleaning Companies Omaha NE, Best Cleaning Services Omaha, Best Cleaning Services Council Bluffs IA.

HOURS: Monday to Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM



MCC Cleaning Omaha

CONTACT: (402) 810-6320

Regular Cleaning, General Cleaning, Office Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Post Construction Cleaning, Maids Service, Move In Out Deep Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Call Center Cleaning, Day Care Cleaning, Pre-Sale Deep House Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Foreclosure Cleaning, Restroom Cleaning

HOURS: Monday to Sunday 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM



Downtown Omaha, Central Omaha, Southwest Omaha and Sarpy County (La Vista, Bellevue, Omaha, Papillion, Gretna, Offutt AFB, Springfield) Douglass County (Omaha, Bennington, Elkhorn, Boys Town, Valley, Waterloo), Pottawattamie County (Council Bluffs, Avoca, Carson, Carter Lake), Cass County ( Weeping Water, Alvo, Avoca, Cedar Creek, Eagle, Elmwood, Greenwood, Louisville, Manley, Murdock, Murray, Nehawka, Plattsmouth, South Bend, Union) including the communities of Bellevue, Blair, Carter Lake, Elkhorn, Fort Calhoun, Gretna, La Vista, Millard, Omaha, Papillion, Ceresco NE, Ralston, Springfield and Waterloo, NE, Lincoln Nebraska and Council Bluffs, IA. Zip codes: 68007, 68010, 68017, 68022, 68102, 68104, 68105, 68106, 68107, 68108, 68110, 68111, 68112, 68114, 68116, 68117, 68118, 68122, 68124, 68127, 68130, 68131, 68132, 68134, 68135, 68137, 68142, 68144, 68147, 68152, 68154, 68157, 68164, 68178, 68073.


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Communities we serve: Omaha, Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Crescent, Bellevue, Boys Town, La Vista, Papillion, Honey Creek, Offutt A F B, Bennington, Fort Calhoun, Washington, Elkhorn, St Columbans, Underwood, Kennard, Mc Clelland, Mineola, Waterloo, Springfield, Missouri Valley, Treynor, Cedar Creek, Gretna, Blair, Valley, Neola, Pacific Junction, Plattsmouth, Silver City, Glenwood, Louisville, Yutan, Arlington, Minden, Modale, South Bend, Logan, Murray, Ashland, Mead, Persia, Memphis, Manley, Magnolia, Macedonia, Malvern, Fremont, Carson, Oakland, Herman, Murdock, Nickerson, Shelby, Weeping Water, Hastings, Mondamin, Henderson, Ithaca, Hancock, Nehawka, Tabor, Union, Greenwood, Thurman, Portsmouth, Woodbine, Colon, Wahoo, Avoca, Emerson, Winslow, Avoca, Elmwood, Little Sioux, Cedar Bluffs, Pisgah, Tekamah, Alvo, Randolph, Ames, Hooper, Panama, Craig, Waverly, Ceresco, Percival, Otoe, Imogene, Malmo, Sidney, Uehling, Walnut, Harlan, Westphalia, Eagle, Lincoln, Dunlap, Moorhead, Red Oak, Morse Bluff, Weston, Griswold, Blencoe, Earling, Davey, Dunbar, Nebraska City, North Bend, Unadilla, Elliott, Lewis, Prague, Syracuse, Marne, Scribner, Oakland, Palmyra, Pilot Grove, Walton, Riverton, Farragut, Shenandoah, Valparaiso, Lorton, Essex, Soldier, Hamburg, Defiance, Kirkman, Raymond, Dow City, Stanton, Atlantic, Decatur, Bennet, Elk Horn, Snyder, Lyons, Kimballton, Irwin, Arion, Malcolm, West Point, Panama, Roca, Dodge, Manilla, Yorktown, Northboro, Coin, Hickman, Denton, Bancroft, Aspinwall, Sprague, Clarinda, Martell, Blanchard, Manning, Beemer, College Springs, Shambaugh, Braddyville, 50022, 51432, 51446, 51447, 51454, 51455, 51501, 51502, 51503, 51510, 51520, 51521, 51523, 51525, 51526, 51527, 51528, 51529, 51530, 51531, 51532, 51533, 51534, 51535, 51536, 51537, 51540, 51541, 51542, 51543, 51544, 51545, 51546, 51548, 51549, 51550, 51551, 51552, 51553, 51554, 51555, 51556, 51557, 51558, 51559, 51560, 51561, 51562, 51563, 51564, 51565, 51566, 51570, 51571, 51572, 51573, 51575, 51576, 51577, 51578, 51579, 51591, 51593, 51601, 51602, 51603, 51630, 51631, 51632, 51636, 51637, 51638, 51639, 51640, 51645, 51647, 51648, 51649, 51650, 51651, 51652, 51653, 51654, 51656, 52648, 68002, 68003, 68004, 68005, 68007, 68008, 68009, 68010, 68015, 68016, 68017, 68018, 68019, 68020, 68022, 68023, 68025, 68026, 68028, 68029, 68031, 68033, 68034, 68037, 68038, 68040, 68041, 68042, 68044, 68045, 68046, 68048, 68050, 68056, 68057, 68058, 68059, 68061, 68063, 68064, 68065, 68066, 68068, 68069, 68070, 68072, 68073, 68101, 68102, 68103, 68104, 68105, 68106, 68107, 68108, 68109, 68110, 68111, 68112, 68113, 68114, 68116, 68117, 68118, 68119, 68120, 68122, 68123, 68124, 68127, 68128, 68130, 68131, 68132, 68133, 68134, 68135, 68136, 68137, 68138, 68139, 68142, 68144, 68145, 68147, 68152, 68154, 68155, 68157, 68164, 68172, 68175, 68176, 68178, 68179, 68180, 68181, 68182, 68183, 68197, 68198, 68304, 68307, 68317, 68336, 68339, 68346, 68347, 68349, 68366, 68372, 68382, 68402, 68403, 68404, 68407, 68409, 68410, 68413, 68417, 68418, 68419, 68428, 68430, 68438, 68446, 68454, 68455, 68461, 68462, 68463, 68501, 68502, 68503, 68504, 68505, 68506, 68507, 68508, 68509, 68510, 68512, 68514, 68516, 68517, 68520, 68521, 68522, 68523, 68524, 68526, 68527, 68528, 68529, 68531, 68532, 68542, 68583, 68588, 68621, 68633, 68648, 68649, 68664, 68716, 68788

Need handyman services in Avoca IA? Service Omaha 402-401-7562 Handyman Services now proudly serves Avoca IA!

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Have a list of jobs? Service Omaha 402-401-7562 offers a cost effective way to get all those jobs cleaned up in one shot. As specialists in small and large jobs we can quickly and professionally solve all those odd jobs you never find the time to do, so call now.


A handyman or handywoman is a skilled “jack of all trades” who can complete a wide range of repairs or home improvement jobs.

A handyman, or handyman service, usually charges clients an hourly rate, plus material costs, regardless of the task. Many homeowners compile a list of repairs and hire a handyman to complete the list in a single visit.

The term “handyman” is loosely defined. Some are self-trained, while others have formal training in various aspects of construction and home repair. A home handyman might specialize in a few types of home maintenance, such as painting, carpentry, or tiling, while others may have additional skills such as plumbing and electrical expertise.

There's no national standard or regulation for handymen. Licensing and regulation vary by state. New Jersey, for example, requires handymen who work for a profit to register with the state and carry insurance. California requires handymen to carry a license from the State Contractors License Board to work on any project that exceeds $500 in labor and material costs. Find out before you hire the handyman if he or she has the skills needed to complete your project.


Handyman Services Avoca IA

Plumbing Avoca IA

Small Projects and Repairs

Windows Avoca IA

Bathroom Repair Avoca IA

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Electrical Avoca IA

Glass Repair or Install

Holiday Lights - Install or Remove

Home Maintenance

Mirrors - Install or Replace

Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor Services

Painting Avoca IA

Air Conditioning Specialists         

Bath Remodelers Avoca IA         

Commercial Contracting

Construction Avoca IA  

General Contractors      

Heating Repair Avoca IA

Home Builders Avoca IA

Home Repair      Avoca IA

House Siding Installers

Kitchen Remodelers      

Landscaping Avoca IA    

Professional Cleaners

Property Maintenance

Interior and Exterior Painting     

Plumbing Repair Avoca IA

Remodeling Avoca IA    

Roof Replacement  Avoca IA      

Window Replacement



    Does it seem like there is always something at home or in your office that needs to be fixed but it never seems to get done?

    Have you found yourself saying “I will do it next week”, but another week after passes by and the problem is still there?

    Are you thinking of installing those new cabinets in your kitchen but you are afraid that it will be too expensive?

    Are you so busy that small repair jobs have piled up, left unfinished?


Our professional team providing handyman services in Omaha are the solution to your problem. We can handle any construction, remodeling, or repair you need and will be able to schedule your service within 24 hours.

Leave it to us!


Best handyman service in Avoca IA!

1. Warranty on all parts and services

2.  100 percent customer satisfaction – The majorities of our customers are repeat customers and are happy to refer friends and family for our services in Avoca IA…

3. 24/7 services - Yes. It is true that our handyman service team works 24 hours and 7 days a week!

4. Immediate Response - We accept service calls and inquires by email, our customer contact form and by phone. You will have an immediate response and most likely have your service completed within 24 hours.

5. Free Quote and Estimate on Handyman Repairs - Our expert team of handyman services in Omaha provide free quotes and estimates for all the handyman repairs prior to the work being started. Our quotes are 100% reliable.

6. Special Offers - Omaha Handyman at your service in Omaha has many special offers. We have special offers for senior citizens and repeat customers. Check our website for current offers and discounts.


1. Ikea Furniture Assembly Service in Avoca IA

TV Installation Services in Avoca IA

3. Custom Shelves Building and Assembly in Avoca IA

4. Carpentry Service in Avoca IA

Electrical Service in Avoca IA

6. Emergency Locksmith in Avoca IA

7. Plumbing Service in Avoca IA

8. Air conditioner installation and removal in Avoca IA

Don’t wait – contact Omaha Handyman at your service in Omaha today!

We guarantee the lowest prices in the market.

Our Head Office is located at Avoca IA!

Handyman at Your Service 24/7 Avoca IA

Best handyman service in Avoca IA!

Call us for exterior, interior, residential and commercial handyman services in Avoca IA. Quality work guaranteed at an affordable price.

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Affordable, On-Call and High-Quality Handyman Service in Avoca IA

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Handyman for Multiple Small Projects

Painting, Staining & Drywall

More Options

Carpentry Avoca IA

Electrical Avoca IA

Gutters Avoca IA

Other Handyman Services

Plumbing & Sprinklers


• Emergency Plumbing Avoca IA

• Electrician in Avoca IA

Air Conditioner

• Locksmith in Avoca IA

• Ikea Furniture Assembly Avoca IA

• Art Installation Avoca IA

TV Installation Avoca IA

• Furniture Assembly Omaha

• Custom Shelves Avoca IA

• Bathroom Remodeling Avoca IA


What Type of Drywall Repair Do We Do?

Free in-home estimates from Drywall Repair Avoca


You have come to the right place! We specialize in Drywall Repair. We have many years of experience in water damage Drywall Repair, Drywall hole Repair, and any severe damage Drywall Repair. We are able to take worn-out looking drywall and make it look new.

Drywall Repair Avoca can help you fulfill all your drywall repair needs

Once you call for your free estimate, someone will come out and access the damage of your existing drywall. We will then give you a quote, whether it is for severely damaged drywall or water damage or holes that are too large to repair yourself.

We only use our employees to do all our drywall repair work, so you can rest assured you are getting the best possible service. Whether just a small patch is needed or an entire sheet, we have all the tools and experience for your drywall repair needs


We have a great team of Drywall Repair Pros ready to help you with your next repair job! Drywall Repair Avoca helps with flood/water damaged drywall with our Water Damage Drywall Repair Service.

We will gladly set up an appointment that works with your schedule, and one of our expert drywall estimators will give you an estimate. We will also set up a time when the drywall can be repaired. We can repair your water damaged drywall in no time. We can include a repainting estimate when needed. Don’t hesitate! Give us a call today for your free estimate.


It happens to everyone, either from furniture moving, too many picture frames on a wall, or opening a door too hard without having a proper door stop. Drywall is pretty durable but if you hit it hard enough, it can be damaged.

Moving furniture is one of the main causes for needing drywall hole repair. At Drywall Repair Avoca, we fix holes in drywall. Other such causes could be from opening a door too hard and the doorknob going through the wall, or having a wall mounted television that you are moving to another room. All of these types of drywall hole repair are covered under our service. No hole is too small (or too big) for our repair service. Give us a call today at Service Omaha 402-401-7562 and let us get your walls back to looking new again!


In most bathrooms, a special type of drywall with moisture resistant material is used. Not to worry, though, Drywall Repair Avoca will repair any bathroom drywall if needed. Whether it be from water damage from a leaky roof or shower, or holes in the wall from accessories such as towel bars or shelves, we can repair your bathroom drywall. Our employees will use the special moisture and mildew resistant materials to repair the walls when requested (additional charges may apply). If you require the drywall to be repainted after repair, an additional estimate will be required, and any specialty paints will be an extra cost.


The drywall repair pros at Drywall Repair Avoca can repair any drywall damage in the interior as well as the exterior of your home. By exterior, we mean patios, porches, sunrooms, garages, etc.

It is the same with all other drywall repair, we will do an estimate and once you approve, we come back and fix your damaged areas. The only difference with ceiling drywall repair is the use of a ladder and/or stilts to complete the job. Most ceiling drywall repair is needed after a leaky roof or an upstairs bathroom water pipe issue. After an estimator surveys the water damaged drywall, we can then repair any and all damaged ceilings, and make them look like nothing ever happened.


At Drywall Repair Pros, we only use our highly trained employees when it comes to repairing your drywall. All of our employees have been with us for many years and go through rigorous training on the proper way to install and or repair drywall.

It is our goal to make every one of our customers satisfied with our work and we will do everything in our power to make sure that your drywall looks as good as it did the day it was initially installed.


*Water Damage Drywall Repair

*Drywall Hole Repair

*Severe Damage Drywall Repair

*Bathroom Drywall Repair

*Ceiling Drywall Repair


Top handyman service in Avoca IA! Great Reviews at Yelp, Facebook and Google Maps!

We at Omaha Handyman Services offer local homeowners high quality and professional handyman services, which cover a wide range of remodeling, home repair, and home improvement services for the exterior and interior of the home. Our highly trained technicians analyze your home and project needs and complete the project in a timely manner. We use the newest home maintenance products and equipment on the market, to make our work faster. Our technicians have a high standards of the work that they do and make sure that they job is done correctly the first time.

Not all the home repairs or improvement projects need to be time-consuming, or expensive for us to help you. No matter, if you need help with a floor board being out-of-place, painting a room, or fixing a deck, we are only a phone call away from helping you. The best way to keep your home working properly is to take care of the smaller problems as they come, as many smaller problems become larger problems.

Our highly trained handyman can fix and install many items around your home. From installing flooring, to making customized items, to fixing water leaks, our staff does it all. Even if you need help hanging curtains and pictures, our staff is happy to help you.

When you are selling your home, we are your best friend. Since we work quickly, we can fix any of the last-minute repairs that are needed to pass Home Inspections. We can make your home more appealing with a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, built-ins, or just by doing small repairs around the house. Home buyers are picky when they are buying a house, and having all the work done before they see the house is important. With a competitive market, any small problems can cause home buyers to pick another home. Along with helping your home sell faster, many of the services that we offer will help your home sell for a higher price.

From the estimate to the final clean up, our handymen work to provide high-quality work and customer service. Our staff works to meet your specific requirements and minimizes the amount of disruptions for you. Our customers are very important to us, and we take your safety very seriously. We make sure that customers, their family, and pets are kept safe during the process.

Our prices are reasonable and fair for all the services that we provide. The next time that you need home repairs, improvements, or help from a handyman, give us a call. We will provide you with an estimate for all of your home repair needs. We can also answer any questions that you have about a specific service.

Call us today to get an estimate to take care of your home repair needs


    Interior and exterior painting Services in Avoca IA

Gutter repair and cleaning services in Avoca IA

    Wood fencing replacement, repair, and refinishing services in Avoca IA

    Ceramic tile installation and repair services in Avoca IA

    Interior and exterior caulking services in Avoca IA

    Deck restoration and staining services in Avoca IA

Pressure washing services in Avoca IA

    Door repairs including knobs in Avoca IA

    Custom carpentry and woodwork in Avoca IA

    Masonry repairs in Avoca IA

    Window glazing and sealing in Avoca IA

Wallpaper removal services in Avoca IA

    Exterior rotted wood repair and replacement in Avoca IA

    Crown molding in Avoca IA

    Retaining walls in Avoca IA

    Water leaks in Avoca IA

    Roof repairs in Avoca IA

    Storm doors in Avoca IA

    Vinyl floors in Avoca IA

    Weather stripping services in Avoca IA

Kitchen cabinets in Avoca IA

    Book shelves and built-ins in Avoca IA

    Decorative painting services in Avoca IA

    Drywall and plaster in Avoca IA

    Bathroom/kitchen renovations in Avoca IA

    Hanging pictures and curtains services in Avoca IA

Call us today to get an estimate to take care of your home repair needs! Read our great reviews at yelp, Facebook and google maps!


Top handyman service in Avoca IA!

Whether it’s exterior remodeling or interior remodeling, your home needs some remodeling done to improve its look and feel. Here are some of the ‘around the house’ areas homeowners could consider when thinking of remodeling.


Our team will assess your home for best possible areas to incorporate additions such as bedrooms, kitchens, play rooms, home theaters, garages or bathrooms. Our skilled technicians will turn that empty space into something beautiful.


Taking down the small traditional windows that cover only half the wall and replace them with larger, probably ones that cover three-quarters of the wall improves not only the lighting but also the aeration of the room. Natural light will save you electricity bill in future. The large windows will ‘bring’ the outside environment, inside, when you open the window, and fresh breezes penetrate the room.


The kitchen is a high traffic area, so incorporating huge pathways within the kitchen help improve the design. The dining area could also be incorporated within the kitchen to maximize on wasted space if the kitchen is big enough, though. Built-in dishwashers and fridge compartments will also increase the floor area. Beautiful tiles and marble finishing will improve the look and feel of the kitchen.


When it comes to fencing, homeowners could either go for metal fences, wood fencing, bamboo fencing, all of which make the outside of your home look beautiful. Privacy fencing can be incorporated in your backyard to keep the outside world, outside and your loved ones safe. We offer expert fencing services for all the above kinds.


A good roofing ensures that your family is protected from the elements. We offer repairs and installations to our customers. Aside from repairs, adding color to your roof also improves the image of your house. Homeowners can choose from a variety of roofing methods such as metal roofing, asphalt or wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles and slate.


Incorporating awnings with your back yard provides a great place for you and your family to relax during the summer. Awnings also keep your front porch dry during extreme weather conditions. They can also be used above windows to protect from direct heat and sunlight from entering the house, aside from providing shade.


Concrete pavers have a wide range of uses. They can be used on the driveway or a porch. They are a great substitute for traditional concrete. Pavers improve the exterior look and feel of your home as well as incorporating style to the otherwise, boring driveway or walkway.

Are you looking for any around the house remodeling services? Get in touch today and let us convert those ideas into an amazing looking home.


Service Omaha is Omaha's best handyman service, specializing in small projects, maintenance and repair jobs.  This is a partial list of the most commonly requested services. We’d like to know what other specific needs you have. If it’s not on the list just SPEAK! We handle most small home remodeling projects.

Getting Started

Once you identify your Handyman needs from our list of services, you can contact us in one of two ways:

1. Fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page and one of our representatives will call you, typically the same day to discuss your needs and how we can best help you.

2. If you prefer, you may call us directly at 402-401-7562 and speak with one of our representatives.

If your job is a small repair or installation, we can usually quote an estimate over the phone. Once you approve the estimate, we will schedule an appointment for the service installer to come to your home.

We are a top rated handyman at Yelp, Angies List, BBB, Homeadvisor, thumbtack, Porch, Manta, Facebook, Yellow Pages and Google Local Maps.


Service Omaha Handyman Services include most small repair, maintenance and installation jobs. Top handyman service in Avoca IA:


Drywall repair Avoca IA

Trim carpentry Avoca IA

Doors hung or repaired

Windows installed or repaired Avoca IA

Weather stripping Avoca IA

Picture hanging Avoca IA


Rot repair Avoca IA

Gutter repairs Avoca IA

Siding Avoca IA

Deck repairs Avoca IA

Fence repairs Avoca IA

Pressure washing Avoca IA

Skylight installation Avoca IA

Windows hung or repaired

Doors hung or repaired

Locksets Avoca IA


Wall tile installed or repaired

Floor tile installed or repaired

Caulking Avoca IA

Grout installed or repaired

Shower doors installed Avoca IA

Fixtures replaced or installed

Bath accessories hung

Disposals installed Avoca IA

Countertop replacements

Hardware replaced

Vent fans installed Avoca IA


Fixtures installed or replaced Avoca IA

Toilets installed or replaced

Repair simple leaks Avoca IA


Ceiling fans installed or repaired

Light fixtures installed or repaired

Switches replaced Avoca IA

Outlets added Omaha


Add or remove shelving

Closet doors hung or adjusted

Closet organizers Avoca IA

Pictures and/or mirrors hung Avoca IA

Handrails repaired Omaha

Blinds and/or curtain rods installed


Pet doors Avoca IA

Mailboxes installed

Doghouses installed

Bird houses Avoca IA

Swing sets assembled

Storage sheds assembled

Furniture assembled Avoca IA


Service Omaha maintenance plan is designed to perform home maintenance tasks that get pushed aside by our busy routines, as well as inspection of key areas of the home to avoid potential problems. This inspection can also help you get ready to sell your home. This maintenance plan will protect the investment in your home, maximize the resale value, and minimize potential issues when selling your home.

Each Visit:


* Change up to eight customer supplied floodlight bulbs (two-story height restriction)

* Change all entrance door lightbulbs (lightbulbs provided by homeowner)

* Open or close (depending on season) shutoff to all outdoor water spigots

* Open or close (depending on season) exterior crawl space vents

* Lubricate garage door tracks and rollers

* Lubricate garage door opener chain (if applicable)


* Visually inspect all windows for rot conditions, deficient caulking and/or paint failure

* Visually inspect siding, cornices (soffits/fascia) and any trim for:

rot conditions

deficient caulking

holes (missing nails, carpenter bees, woodpeckers, etc.) and paint failure(s).

* Inspect exterior and advise customer of any potential critter entry conditions

* Inspect and advise of any water drainage issues (loose gutters/downspouts, drainage pipes/catch basins, improper soil conditions)

* Inspect wood fencing for rot conditions

* Adjust binding gate hinges and/or lock mechanisms

* Inspect decks for rot and/or dangerous conditions

* Visually inspect roof for loose, torn, curled or missing shingles

* Inspect all exterior doors for:

* proper alignment (i.e. warped/racked, binding door)

* functioning locksets (lubricate where necessary),

* loose/failed hinges (lubricate where necessary),

* deficient weatherstripping

* rot conditions to door/jambs/threshold


* Change all batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (stand alone units only - not part of alarm system equipment)

* Change water filter (refrigerator and/or faucet / customer supplies filter(s))


* Check fire extinguishers for adequate charge

* Inspect toilets for leaking between tank and bowl (using dye) and at shutoff valve and overflow tube

* Check under faucets for leaks to supply and drain lines and shutoff valves

* Fill sink with water and check sink stoppers for leaks

* Remove and clean aerators to all sink faucets

* Inspect dishwasher and garbage disposal for leaks

* Inspect tile and grout in showers and tub surrounds (advise customer of deficient conditions)

* Inspect all interior doors for loose or binding conditions (advise customer of any deficiencies)

* Adjust door knobs/hinges and lubricate


* Change lightbulbs in chandeliers (customer supplies lightbulbs – 10’ ceiling height maximum)

* Change lightbulbs in ceiling fans (customer supplies lightbulbs – 10’ ceiling height height maximum)

* Remove bathroom exhaust fan covers and vacuum fan and cover, lubricate fan (up to 10’ ceiling height)

* Change kitchen exhaust fan charcoal filters (customer supplies filter)

We are a top rated handyman at Yelp, Angies List, BBB, Homeadvisor, thumbtack, Porch, Manta, Facebook, Yellow Pages and Google Local Maps.



Up to 4 bathrooms (powder rooms are considered bathrooms): $200.00

Each addl. bathroom: $50.00

FOR TWO VISITS PER YEAR (full amount payable at first visit):

Up to 4 bathrooms (powder rooms are considered bathrooms): $400.00

Each addl. bathroom: $75.00

Additional Options (priced individually):

Seal granite countertops (annual)
Clean gutters
Pressure washing
Re-caulk bathtub and showers
Patch grout in showers and tub surrounds

Fees & Pricing

Service Omaha professional handyman services will measure up in more ways than one. Our fees are reasonable, our work top quality. Consider the time you will save by having a quality professional perform the work right the first time. Hire Service Omaha and you just might have more time to sit, play or even take your dog for longer walks.

When our Production Supervisor discusses your project with you, he or she will determine whether we can offer a fixed price contract or if the project will be billed on a time and material basis.*

Time and Material Pricing


        Hourly rates are $40.

        There is a 2 hour minimum.

Top Professional handyman services in Omaha Council Bluffs Metro Area!

Service Omaha 402-401-7562

Located in Avoca IA!

Best Local Handyman Contractors for Hire


We are a top rated handyman at Yelp, Angies List, BBB, Homeadvisor, thumbtack, Porch, Manta, Facebook, Yellow Pages and Google Local Maps.


Our Pledge to You: On Time & Done Right!

Have a hard-to-reach light bulb burned out? Holes in your drywall? Doors that need to be installed? We offer commercial handyman service for retail shops, shopping malls and shopping centers. We are the experts you can trust! Our business repair contractors are not your typical handymen for hire. All of our professionals have an average of 10 years’ experience and are highly skilled in a variety of trades. This means we deliver quality work consistently—so much so in fact that our workmanship is guaranteed.


Assemble, Install, Maintain, Repair & More!

At Service Omaha, we know the challenges of running a small business or owning large corporate offices. You have a lot on your plate—and a lot that needs your attention. The last thing that you should worry about is the various handyman work that is needed around your office space. That is where our commercial handyman services for small businesses and corporate offices come in. From assembling new furniture to performing carpentry, you can count on us to get the job done right.



Let Us Perform the Work So You Can Focus on the Business

At Service Omaha, we provide commercial handyman service for restaurants and businesses in the food service industry. In fact, we service restaurants that run the gamut from fine dining to fast food, as well as carry out, family, chain, health food, and more. We also offer commercial handyman service to delis, coffee houses, and donut shops. If you own a business in the culinary industry and need repairs or regular maintenance, we are the experts you can trust to get the job done—and done right the first time. We are trustworthy, locally-owned, and experienced.


Repair & Maintenance Work You Can Rely Upon

We offer commercial handyman service for manufacturing plants so you can keep your manufacturing business running smoothly. Hiring Service Omaha isn’t like hiring a regular handyman. First off, Service Omaha contractors have an average of 10 years’ experience. They ensure the work they perform is consistent—and they can get any job done right the first time.


At hospitals and healthcare facilities, you are performing work that can mean life or death for your patients. The last thing you should be worried about is the repairs needed around the facility, or regular maintenance that’s getting in your way. We make hiring commercial handyman service for hospitals and healthcare facilities easy. Whether you need furniture assembled, light bulbs changed or stucco issues around your building fixed up, we get the job done right the first time.

Give our team a call if you need services such as the following performed:

Door Installation & Repair in Avoca IA

Tile Installation & Repair in Avoca IA

Drywall Installation & Repair

Restroom Repair in Avoca IA

Painting Services in Avoca IA

Commercial Carpentry

Cubicle & Furniture Assembly

Installation of Crown Molding

Fence Installation & Repair

Stucco Repair in Avoca IA

Removal of Graffiti


Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time. Service Omaha fixes failing deck boards and railings and damaged patio bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, as well as any other structural issues affecting the use, safety or looks of your patio or deck.


Add a deck to your backyard with Service Omaha, and know that you’re getting a team of professional carpenters who each have at an average 10 years’ experience. In addition, all of our technicians are fully insured and highly qualified. That’s because we believe in delivering a quality, worry-free experience.


Every three or four years, deck owners re-stain and seal their decks to protect the wood from the moisture that otherwise leads to an expensive reconstruction project. Next to power washing, staining is also the best, fastest way to improve the look of your deck. Unfortunately, it’s easy for homeowners to damage their decks with pressure washers, to stain over already-rotted wood, and to apply the stain before a deck is sufficiently dry.


Store-bought desks, like those from IKEA™, can be especially tricky. Big or small, our expert handymen can help assemble your brand new desk or move an old desk into your office or den. One call will help you complete your to-do list.


When it comes to hanging pictures, drywall is at the most risk when the frame is heavy. In some cases, a stud or special hardware should be used. For safe, secure and level pictures, contact your local Service Omaha.

• Family Photos

• Artwork

• Mirrors

• Animal Mounts


Proper shelving is a great way to keep your den or home officer clutter free and well organized. We believe in a convenient, one-call solution where one call schedules an appointment and delivers a safe, worry-free service completed by a professional. Talk to your local Service Omaha about installing shelves and more.


Doubling up the kids? Want to free up some space? We’ll install or assemble bunk beds for safety, stability and durability. We promise to arrive on time in a nationally recognized uniform and van with all of the tools and equipment we’ll need.


You pick the ones you like, we install. Want to replace your mirrored doors with solid wood? No problem. Whether you want to go from hollow doors to solid door, or track doors to French-style doors, your local Service Omaha has the tools and experience to get the job done right.


Accidents happen. Repairing holes, cracks and nail pops in the drywall goes a long way fast in improving the look and feel of any bedroom. Read more about our drywall repair services and other wall-related projects.


Our home improvement professionals install dimmer switches, reading lamps, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Whatever project you have in mind, learn more about our light fixture and ceiling fan installation services.


Whether you need one built or a store-bought solution installed, our home improvement professionals deliver guaranteed satisfaction for all outdoor fencing projects—big and small.

Fencing Is a Critical Component to Your Home

Not only is it a practical way to keep your children and pets safe, but it can also clearly mark your property lines and increase your home’s overall value. If you’re interested in having a new fence installed or if you just need to have your current fence repaired, we’re the experts who you should call. We will send experienced, fully insured fence contractors who will finish the job on time and do it right.

Types of fencing include:

Wood Fencing Avoca IA

    Vinyl Fencing Avoca IA

    PVC Fencing Avoca IA

Wrought Iron Fencing

    Chain Link Fencing

    Aluminum Fencing


Keeping Your Fence Looking Its Best

Despite popular belief, fences are not a set it and forget it installment to your home’s exterior. In fact, it is recommended that you have regular maintenance performed and repairs completed as soon as possible.

Consider the following tips from Service Omaha on fence repair and maintenance:

    Remove debris such as weeds and rocks from gate hinges on a regular basis.

    If you have a wood fence, ensure that no dirt is touching the bottom.

    Have termites or ants? Call an exterminator immediately!

    For vinyl and aluminum fences, clean them once per year with a mild soap solution.


Expert gutter cleaning by Service Omaha removes the leaves, twigs and sediment that can redirect rain water to your home's foundation, soffits and fascia. We also repair gutters that have been damaged by the wind, ice and falling tree limbs. Another solution would be to install gutter guards. Lots of homeowners invest in gutter guards to eliminate the need for seasonal gutter cleaning. Service Omaha technicians are experienced installers of the gutter guard product of your choice. One call will help you complete that growing to-do list.


Your home braves the elements season after season. Service Omaha performs power washing—also known as pressure washing—that removes all of the built-up dirt and debris from decks, patios, siding, soffit, fascia, garage doors, window sills and more. Service Omaha is just one call away from power washing the outside of your home.


When storms, children or something else damages your siding, it’s not just a curb appeal issue, but a structural integrity issue. When insects, dry rot and water damage your wood, Service Omaha’s home improvement professionals repair or replace damaged boards, fascia and soffits, protecting your home and restoring visual appeal.

Our insured professionals can make the issue disappear without a trace, no matter the type of siding you have:

• Vinyl Siding Avoca IA

Wood Siding Avoca IA

• Brick Siding Avoca IA

Stucco Siding Avoca IA

• Stone Siding Avoca IA


With Service Omaha, we can help you get into the holiday spirit without you having to lift a finger! No matter whether you’d like to add a festive string of lights around your roof, want to install a beautifully lit seasonal lawn display, or want to add exterior flood lights to accentuate different parts of your home, we can do it all.


Cracked tile? Drywall holes? If so, do not hesitate to contact the professionals from Service Omaha as soon as possible. We can keep this frequently trafficked room looking and working at its best.


Ceiling fans are not only beautiful, but they can be incredibly useful to the comfort of your home. If your fan is not working properly, do not wait to get our team involved. We can provide fast, effective fixes.


If your home’s countertop is starting to show its age—no matter whether it has become dingy, chipped, or otherwise broken—you can count on us. We will show up and make it look as good as new in no time.


Doors play an overlooked but critical component to the functioning of your home. If they are struggling to open, not keeping drafts out, or are otherwise broken, contact us for the repairs that you need.


Drywall suffer cracks from settling? Fall victim to moisture? Suffer damage from kids or mice? Give it the attention that it deserves by contacting our handymen regarding our fast drywall repair services.


If you have a small repair project involving the wiring of your home or different electrical components, and you think it may be overkill to call in an electrician, contact our handymen. We can fix the problem fast!


Did you know that a dripping faucet could waste more than 200 gallons of water per month? If you have noticed a leak, give us a call. We can repair the faucet and help you prevent unnecessary spikes in your bills.


Damage to your floors is not only unsightly, but it can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. For this reason, you should not hesitate to get in contact with the professional handymen from our team.


Is the wooden furniture around your home starting to show signs of damage or wear and tear? Work with the professional carpenters from the Service Omaha team to repair any problems that you see.


If your garage door wakes up the neighbors every time that you open it—or if it doesn’t open up at all—it is time for you to call our professional handymen. Let us cross this item off your to-do list!


Does the grout in your home look damaged? Skip the headache of trying to fix it yourself and call in our experts. We can repair grout in your bathrooms, kitchen, entryway, basement, laundry room, and more!


Broken gutters on your home can cause water to be redirected, which can cause major damage to the drywall, roof, basement, foundation, soffits, and fascia of your home. Get fast fixes from our team!


Keep your home beautiful—and your family safe—by getting handrails fixed in your home immediately. Our handymen guarantee our workmanship and have an average of 10 years’ experience.


You don’t have to live with broken elements in your kitchen. With our fast, effective repair services, we can make sure that it not only looks its best, but also functions at its best too.


Have the light fixtures in your home fallen into a state of disrepair? Make them look their best again by getting in touch with our professional handymen as soon as possible to learn about our repair services.


If your patio has aged support posts, loose handrails, or pliant wooden boards, it is time to call the professional handymen from our team. We can fix all of these common problems and more.


When the plumbing in your home is not working properly, it’s not only inconvenient—it can completely disrupt your everyday life. Get your routine back on track again with our plumbing repair service


If your showerhead is leaking, has pressure that is too low, or is otherwise broken, give us a call. All of our technicians have an average of 10 years’ experience and can provide repairs that you can trust.


Our team provides exceptional (and fast!) repair services for sinks of all kinds. From repairing leaks that could cause water damage to dealing with the resulting mold and mildew, you can trust us.


Don’t let you and your loved ones live with broken steps or stairs in your home. Contact our team and rest easy knowing we guarantee our workmanship, are locally owned, and arrive on time!


From the bathroom to the kitchen to the entryway, our professional handymen can repair the tile in all of the different rooms of your house. The best part? Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed!


Common Problems with Toilets in Households

The toilet’s flush is strong, but it doesn’t complete.

The toilet tank fills with water after being flushed.

The water in the toilet bowl drops.

The toilet flushes twice in a row.

The toilet whistles when the tank is filling.

The toilet takes too long to fill the tank.

The tank causes a dripping noise after filling.

The toilet takes a really long time to flush.

The tub and sink gurgle when you flush.

Call us today for information!

If you notice any of the above or any other plumbing problems with your toilet, our team is here to help. We have an average of 10 years’ experience and guarantee we will finish the job correctly and on time.

From Repair to Installation to Full Replacement

No matter whether you need a simple fix performed on your toilet or if you need a brand new one installed, we can get the job done. We know that the job is a stinky one—and a complicated one—which is why we are here to do it for you. Cross this item off your to-do list by giving your local Service Omaha a call today!


Avoca IA Nebraska community loves us! Top handyman services in Avoca IA!

The Service Omaha Handyman services is a family owned business that has been operating for over two decades now, with a large customer base in and around the Avoca IA. Since 1986, we have operated under strict guidelines, and customer satisfaction has always been our first priority.

With tons of experience and passion for the job, our technicians are highly experienced in what they do. We offer professional Handyman services which include home repairs and maintenance.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Us;

1. Our professional services are extremely affordable and convenient to the type of project at hand, with no hidden costs.

2. We are locally available and familiar with the community.

3. We are always on time, work fast and are strict about deadlines.

4. Our insured, experienced technicians have a wide skill-set to tackle any project thrown at them.

5. Large customer base in our portfolio.

6. Years of experience.

7. We offer expert advice on home repairs, maintenance and improvements.

8. We have all the tools for the job.

We clean-up after we are done.

10. We are a licensed business operating under the law.

Handyman Services Your Home Needs

Carpentry Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

Whether it’s a broken chair, a table that needs repair, we offer carpentry services that cover all the household furniture. Other than repairs, we also design the new concepts of furniture as per your specifications.

Plumbing Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

We repair water leaks in bathrooms and kitchens. We offer pipe installations and repair for old pipes. We also remodel bathrooms and advice the customer on new designs.

Electrical Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

We replace light bulbs, house rewiring and any other repairs and maintenance related to electricity and electrical cables.

Backyards Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

A beautiful backyard can be used for family gatherings with loved ones. It can also be used as a playground for your kids. We design and remodel backyards and backyard patios.

Basements Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

We offer waterproofing services for your basement. It is important to waterproof your basement to get rid of mold and wall breakage which could ruin your houses foundation.

Yards Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

We offer landscaping services to your yards. We know where to plant a tree and what kind of flowers that will turn your front yard beautiful and appealing to the eye. It is what people see first before they come inside your home.

Roofs Avoca IA – Handyman Contractor

Overtime, the roof tends to wear out, and it can get leaky. We repair or completely take down the old roof and replace it with a new one.

Call us today and get professional Service Omaha Handyman services for all your unique needs around your home. We are happy to also offer consultation services for your next home improvement project.

Best handyman services in Omaha Council Bluff Metro Area!

Service Omaha 402-401-7562

Located in Avoca IA!



Looking to hire a handyman Omaha? Handyman prices vary, in some cases you can receive a flat fee for the service your requesting or you can receive an hourly wage with a minimum. You may also find some handyman professionals advertising for half days (4 hours) or full days (8 hours), with special pricing. Cost to hire a handyman will vary but this pricing table may assist you.

Flat Rate Pricing – Handyman Contractor

Handyman Omaha that charge flat rates will typically charge between $100 and $200 for small jobs. Flat charges usually include materials, so you will know exactly what your paying for the job to get done.

Hourly Pricing – Handyman Contractor

Handyman Omaha that charge hourly rates will typically charge $40 per hour on the low side and $70 on the high side. You’ll find varying charges. Lower than $40? Possible, however make sure to do some research!

Per Day Pricing – Handyman Contractor

Handyman Omaha that have specials for full day pricing will typically charge between $250 to $500 per day. Usually handymen value their pricing on their experience.

Half Day Pricing – Handyman Contractor

Handyman Omaha that have specials for half day pricing will typically charge between $130 to $250 for a half day (6 hours). The better deal is almost always the full day!

Get quality home improvements, home repairs and remodeling services at an affordable price. We do it all, we are your one call handyman professionals 24/7. Get free estimates for handyman services Omaha, Nebraska, contact Service Omaha Handyman by calling 1-402-401-7562 today!

Call us for : Handyman Services Renovation Concrete Leveler Concrete Repair Remodeling Painting Home Improvement Fence Installation Tv Installation Air Conditioner Install Appliance Install Attic Repair Bathroom Remodel Building Maintenance Service Cabinet Refinishing  Carpentry Carpet Installer Caulking Ceiling Fan Installation Deck Repair Deck Replacement Door Installation Door Repair Drywall Repair Electric Appliance Install Exterior Painting Falk Painting Fence Contractor Finish Carpentry Finish Trim Furniture Assembly  Garage Cleanouts Garage Floor Coating Garbage Disposal Repair Gas Fireplace Tune Up, Inspection, And Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Handrail Installation Gutter Repair  Holiday Light Installation Home Additions Home Remodeling Hardwood Floor Installation Interior Painting Indoor Flooring And Carpet Installation Kitchen Contactor Kitchen Faucet Kitchen Updating Leveling Service Microwave Installation Office Cubicle Assembly Light Fixtures Refrigerator Installation Roof Repairs Roof Rack Installation Restoration Shutters Siding Contactor Sink Replacement Sliding Door Hardware Installation Tile Contractor Tile Flooring Toilet Installation Toilet Fill Valve Replacement Tv Installation Tv To Wall Installation Vinyl Siding Wall Hanging Wall Cabinet Installation Wallpaper Contractor Window Contractor Window Installation Window Repair Winterization Wood Staining Wood Flooring


Service Omaha' Handyman Cost Guide offers price information on hiring a professional handyman, as reported by Service Omaha' customers. Learn more about how size and complexity affect cost and how to find the right person.

The rates and services of a handyman can vary widely depending on the market and handyman. A handyman (or handywoman) is a skilled generalist. Some jurisdictions require them to be licensed, but the term applies to a jack-of-all-trades who performs minor repairs or construction tasks on residential sites.


How much you pay your handyman will depend on several factors:

Size of a Handyman Job

The larger the job, the more time it will take to complete and the more it will generally cost. More experienced handymen can estimate how long a job will take before they start. Some handymen have certain jobs they charge a flat fee for as well. Discuss your project in detail with your handyman ahead of time to establish the price.

Small jobs

This includes relatively simple things such as replacing light switches and outlets. Replacing a broken garbage disposal is also considered a small job, as is repairing a leaky faucet, replacing a thermostat, or even hanging a picture. As a rule of thumb, if it requires simple hand tools and takes no more than 1 to 2 hours, it’s a small job.

Example: Fixing a water spout in the bathroom. The parts are there; they just need to be installed.

Medium jobs

These are a little more involved. Medium jobs can take more time and require a little extra expertise. For example, repairing drywall involves spackle, a putty knife and attaching support material if the damage is large enough. Hanging shelves can also be a medium job as shelves must be properly anchored into studs. These jobs can take between 2 and 4 hours to finish.

Example: Replacement installation for a mailbox

Large jobs

These are the most involved of handyman jobs and include wiring for a home theater, installing heating and cooling registers, wall repair or installing a kitchen sink with all of the elements. Generally, if you’re wondering if you need a handyman or a contractor for a particular job, it’s probably considered a large job. These jobs can take from 4 hours to a couple of days to finish depending on the complexity.

Example: Add locks to certain interior doors, install gate on stairway for kids and pets, and turn a cubby into a linen closet all in one visit.

    Small Jobs

        1-2 hours, $77-$154 average

    Medium Jobs

        2-4 hours, $154-$308 average

    Large Jobs

        4+ hours, $308 on up.

Keep in mind, that if the job is big, requiring $500 a day or more, or includes the use of heavy machinery (bobcats, front-end loaders, etc.) you may want to hire a contractor instead.


The average hourly rate of a handyman is in the $40 to $65 price range in Avoca IA. However, there are professional handyman services that may charge higher, sometimes up to $125 an hour. The benefit of these services, while more expensive, is a degree of assurance that the handyman is a competent professional and will provide a certain quality of work. The national average is about $77 an hour.


Experience can be a valuable commodity. The rate will be based on their level of expertise. Experienced handymen may charge a higher rate, but take half the time to do a job than a less experienced pro.

You might think that an experienced handyman could do a job faster than an inexperienced one. However, consider that some jobs don’t take that long and most don’t involve serious complications. The $60 an hour handyman who just opened his business will probably take about the same time as the $125 an hour handyman who has 30 years in the business, and both will probably have no trouble on a small job like changing cabinetry hardware. However, a more complex job -- hanging entirely new cabinets or replacing kitchen countertops -- may benefit from an experienced handyman.

Complexity of the Job

The more complicated the job, the longer it will probably take and the more you'll pay for labor. A good handyman will be able to tell you from the start if there are aspects of the job they can't handle well. In those cases, you'll need a contractor or licensed specialist.

Simple jobs are often small jobs, but even some larger jobs can be fairly simple. Changing an interior door knob is easy and a “small” job while sanding and re-hanging an interior door is a “medium” job, yet neither is particularly complex. Removing and replacing an old toilet, on the other hand, involves heavy lifting, plumbing knowledge and cleanup. If you aren’t sure about the complexity of the job, ask the handyman you are interviewing about what’s involved.


Handymen normally charge by the hour, but can also charge a flat rate by the job. Some may charge for travel time, and some may charge a markup on parts they buy for your job. When gathering estimates, this is something you want to know early on.

By the Hour

A handyman who works independently will usually charge around $60 to $65 an hour on average. Depending on where you live the actual price range can run from $55 to $75 for an independent operator. A handyman who is part of a larger business can charge up to $125 an hour or more. The advantage to this is that he is expected to have a lot more expertise and meet a certain standard.

By the Job

Whether an independent handyman or part of a business, some jobs are best charged at a flat rate. These are usually larger jobs such as hanging chandeliers, mounting wall TVs, installing a toilet or a ceiling fan, or other such involved work.


The more complex a job is, the more likely it is to have complications. Also, some jobs can take a couple of days if preparation hasn’t been done. If you break it down, billing by the job can sometimes mean you are paying higher per hour if a handyman works quickly. However, some jobs take longer and you wind up paying less by the hour. So for example:

    If a flat rate job is $150 and the handyman gets the job done in an hour, you’ve paid him $150 an hour.

    However, if the flat rate job is $150 and complications cause the job to take four hours, you’re paying $37.50 an hour.

In general, an experienced handyman knows how long a job should take and may give you a flat rate based on that. If he knows a particular job will take about an hour, he may present his hourly rate as a flat rate. If he knows it will take two hours, he may give you the rate for two hours as a flat rate. Naturally, this is incentive for the handyman to work quickly, and keeping a happy customer is an incentive to do the job well.


Here are examples of some of the more common services and how long they take:

    Replace thermostat, hang heavy picture, repair leaking pipe, replace a torn screen – 1-2 hours

    Drywall repair (smaller sections, not an entire room), mount shelves – 2-3 hours

    Replace window, hang a new door (includes shims, sanding, framework adjustments), woodwork repair – 3-4 hours

    Repair a wall, install heating and air registers, install carpet (small room) – 4+ hours

Some services are quite involved and charging by the hour would make the cost prohibitive. Therefore, many handymen charge more complex jobs by the job. Here are some examples of services and prices that are often billed by the job:


    Hall light installation: $40-65

    Change toilet valve: $40-75

    Bathroom faucet installation: $40-90

    Hang ceiling fan (normal height): $40-100

    Hang ceiling fan (second story height): $99-250

    Install garbage disposal: $50-150

    Install toilet bowl: $50-150

    Install kitchen sink: $150-$300


Developing a trusting relationship with a skilled, reliable handyman is like finding that great daycare provider or doctor. Here are some tips about selecting which handyman to hire:

    Make a list of what you need done and include some detail. “Fix my sink” is a bit too general. Noting information such as “My sink is leaking at the faucet” or “My sink is leaking where the pipe goes into the wall” can tell a handyman quite a bit about what to expect and can help them give you a better estimate.

    Prioritize your to-do list. Check to see if the handyman will “bundle” tasks. For example, if your kitchen sink pipes were leaking but you wanted to replace the old faucet as well, you might be able to get both jobs done at once for less than you would pay for two separate visits.

    Get at least 3 potential handymen to choose from. This will give you a reasonable range to learn what a typical job like yours should involve and cost.

    Ask to see prior work they’ve done and check references.

    Ask about their experience. Some handymen are also licensed for certain jobs such as electrical or plumbing, so if you have a plumbing repair needed, you can be reasonably sure of a handyman’s ability to do the job.

    Ask about rates up front. Some handymen charge by the hour, often with a minimum, while others may also have jobs that they use a flat rate for. Setting a budget cap is not unreasonable,

    Get estimates in writing. While you should avoid ballpark figures, there are some jobs that may turn into something more than originally discussed. For example, a handyman hired to clean your rain gutters and downspouts may find pieces that need replacing due to corrosion. They should advise you of the need before beginning any such further work.

    Check for liability insurance. This is to protect yourself should he or she get hurt on the job.

    Check for any complaints. Be sure to read the complaints if possible. Sadly, some people can be unreasonable or expect too much from others and will file complaints out of vindictiveness.


A handyman, contractor and DIYer share a lot of the same skills. However, there are times when you have to decide whether the job is one you can handle, or if you should call for help.


Many small repairs or modifications can easily be handled by anyone with a screwdriver or hammer.  DIY, however, is entirely dependent on the individual. What one person considers a simple task could be well beyond the abilities of another person. One way to decide if a project is better as a DIY project is to ask yourself what can go wrong and how badly.

    Updating your kitchen cabinets with new handles is a project with very few complications. The worst that could happen is that you might not have screwed them in tight enough and they come loose.

    Replacing an electrical outlet, however, can be very dangerous if you do it wrong. If you don’t know about electrical currents and how they work in your house, call someone who does.

Another consideration to think about is how many people it will take to do the job. A single person can build a house. However, it’s going to take a very long time and will be very difficult. Installing insulation or drywall can be handled quite easily by one person and requires little in the way of specialized skills. The actual effort of the job should be regarded as well. Installing a cinderblock wall is very labor-intensive. Moving blocks, mortar, and rebar can become tiring very quickly. 


Some jobs may seem simple enough -- turning your attic into an office or a spare bedroom, a larger picture window in your living room -- but often require quite a bit more knowledge. If your project is going to cost over $500 a day and take more than a day or two, you might want to hire a contractor. These projects are usually fairly big. They will also be more likely to require permits and inspections, and will often require a crew of workers to accomplish.

If you project requires any of the following, you need a contractor:

New plumbing

    Modifying existing plumbing such as replacing lines

    New electrical work

    Repairing an electrical system such as replacing a breaker box or replacing wiring in the walls or ceiling

Installing or repairing gas lines

    Any HVAC work beyond routine maintenance

    Adding livable space such as a room addition or converting an attic or basement into a livable space

Major remodeling

    Anything that affects the structure of your house.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Before beginning any project, check with your local regulations to see if your project is required to be done by a licensed contractor. Although it’s more expensive than hiring a handyman, hiring a contractor is a way to make sure that things are done safely and up to code.


A handyman is the happy medium between DIY or hiring a contractor. As stated above, there are some jobs a handyman isn’t allowed to do. This is why some handymen are also licensed contractors. It enables them to spread their nets wider when bidding on jobs.

    A handyman can take care of numerous small jobs and sometimes works with contractors on large projects, especially when time is of the essence.

    A handyman is quite versatile and can help with everything from replacing your thermostat to paving a new walkway.

    They can handle most jobs that you may not have the time or ability to do yourself.

    They can also do jobs that may be trickier than you might think like a toilet replacement.

To determine if you can use a handyman instead of a fully-licensed contractor, ask yourself the following:

    Could I do it myself if I only had the time?

    Could I do it myself if I only had the knowledge or ability?

    Should this take less than a day?

    Should this cost less than $500?

    Can this be done by only one or two people?

    Can this be done without a permit?

Answering “yes” to these usually means that your project can be done by a handyman. When looking for bids, be sure to give as much detail about the job as possible. An ethical handyman will tell you upfront if the job requires a contractor or if he or she isn’t comfortable with certain kinds of work.


A contractor is a specialist in his or her field: electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, construction contractor, etc. They often oversee a team that may consist of subcontractors who handle specialized jobs within the larger project. They are expected to be knowledgeable about permits and other such technicalities.

Handymen specialize in odd jobs. It could be replacing a broken cabinet hinge, stopping a leaky faucet or sanding down a gouge in your wood floor. The handyman is a trained generalist, and it was probably a handyman who coined the phrase, "No job too small."


“Handy” is defined as “convenient” or “good with hands or tools”. A handyman is both. If you have a lot of things to take care of that don’t include the repairs your house needs, a handyman can be the most convenient way to get those tasks done and done right. Just remember these final three tips to help the job go well:

    Move furniture or other items away from where the handyman is going to be working before he or she gets there.

    Make yourself available to answer any questions.

    Keep kids and pets away from where the handyman is working.


Tips to hire a handyman

Interview several candidates before hiring a candidate. A handyman works closely with you in your home, so you want to pick one that you feel comfortable being around. Use the following tips to help you choose the best one:

1. Define the project. Start by compiling a list of the home repairs you want completed. Remember, a handyman is best used for small jobs such as installing light fixtures, patching drywall and interior painting. If the job requires pulling a permit, or moving plumbing or electrical wiring, consider hiring a licensed contractor.

2. Shop around. Check Angie’s List reviews and interview at least three handymen. Ask how many years of experience they have and their areas of specialization. Request references from homeowners who have hired them. Make sure the potential handyman has the skills and experience to complete your project.

3. Watch out for scams. Avoid handymen who contact you with unsolicited phone calls or visits to your home. You should also avoid any handyman who refuses to guarantee the price of the job or asks for payment upfront. Reputable handymen don’t expect to get paid before the project is completed.

4. Get it in writing. Insist on a written agreement laying out the job details, costs and payment schedule. Be clear about the times you expect the work to be started and completed. It’s extremely important to get all guarantees in writing.

5. Ask for a guarantee. Many handymen will guarantee their work for up to one year. Ask about guarantees before you make a hiring decision, and of course, make sure the guarantee is in writing.

6. Inspect the work. Inspect the completed work before paying the handyman. Make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction and at the agreed upon price. Most handymen will be happy to explain the finished work because they want you to be satisfied.


Handymen are best utilized for small, “honey-do” types of home repair work. The following projects are ideal for most handymen:

Minor plumbing work: Many handymen are capable of completing small plumbing jobs like installing new fixtures or repairing a leaky faucet. However, complex projects that require relocating plumbing within the home should be left to a licensed plumber.

Caulking: Adding a fresh application of caulk to gaps between windows, doors and siding is a great way to improve energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Decks and porches: Over time, weather can take a toll on wooden decks and porches. A handyman can replace broken boards, apply a finish or sealant and improve or upgrade your deck or porch’s safety and appearance.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance: It’s not a huge task, but cleaning gutters is messy and involves climbing on the roof. If you hire a professional handyman with the right equipment and experience, you won't have to risk injuring yourself. A handyman can also install gutter guards to prevent seasonal clogging.

Home exterior repairs: If you have minor damage to your home’s exterior, such as a loose piece of siding or a missing shingle, hiring a handyman to repair those items may prove to be more cost-effective than hiring a specialist.

Painting and touch-ups: If you have a small painting job, like a wall, garage door, touch-ups of scuff marks or the repair of small holes with spackle, consider a handyman. But remember, a handyman typically charges by the hour, so larger jobs are better suited for a professional painting crew.

Hanging window treatments, pictures and mirrors and installing light fixtures: These small tasks can be easily accomplished by a homeowner. But if you hire a handyman with the right tools and experience, these wall-mounted items will likely be hung correctly and without damage.


You’ve got an ever increasing to-do list of home improvements like changing out a bathroom faucet, replacing missing shingles on the roof and painting a kitchen wall. You could hire a plumber, roofer and painter who have conflicting schedules and their own service charges, or you could hire a handyman to complete all three projects in one day for one hourly rate.

Because many handymen charge by the hour, a homeowner can save time and money on home improvement projects by hiring one to complete a wide range of projects at an hourly rate. A service charge from a plumber or roofer to come to your home could equal or even surpass the cost of hiring a handyman for a few hours.

You're also less likely to be overcharged if your hire a handyman. Unlike a general contractor or specialist who is more likely to price a job based on the estimated amount of time it will take to complete, you only have to pay a handyman for the hours he works, unless you agree on a flat rate. Handymen can keep their rates low because they don't have to pay additional workers, so they have lower overhead costs than contractors or large companies.

Although handymen have less overhead, they do supply their own tools, so there's no need to invest in extra equipment you won't use often or at all. However, you will need to supply the materials.

When you hire a contractor or specialist, they usually supply the materials, and often at a markup. If they don't provide the materials, they may not guarantee a repair, or your choices are limited to what they have in stock. When you choose your own materials, you know how much the product costs, and you can stay within your budget. You also get to choose the manufacturer, finish and register any warranty agreement.

Handymen have been known to do all types of work, from setting up playground equipment and gas grills to hanging holiday lights and decorations.



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Nowadays, electronic waste, or e-waste, is a huge percentage of America’s waste stream. Service Omaha Hauling partnered haulers will recycle all of your unwanted junk, including electronic waste such as TVs, computers, VCRs, DVD players, copy and fax machines, cell phones and most items containing circuit boards and electronic elements. For a free estimate for your electronic waste junk hauling Omaha— contact us.


Do you have junk that you need removed from your home or business in Avoca IA? We can pick up any junk item, as we specialize in residential and commercial junk removal services in Omaha and surrounding areas. No job too small or too big we do it all. If you live in Omaha we are your local hauling service connection, we are here to take your call 24 hours a day!

When you contact Service Omaha Hauling for junk removal in Avoca IA you can request a ballpark estimate. In some cases you can describe your junk or you can send a photo for an estimate. For larger junk removal Avoca IA jobs, we’ll have to send a junk pro out to asses the job.


Depending upon what type of junk needs hauled away, prices for junk hauling in Avoca IA can vary. In general, a quick job can cost $30-99 or more, whereas a standard job may cost around $100-199 give or take, and a larger job $199-499 or more. When you need an accurate estimate for junk hauling Omaha — contact Service Omaha Hauling to get in touch with local hauling services Avoca IA.


    $19-49 per major appliance

    $29-$69 for a large furniture piece

    $99-$299 for a hot tub

    $69-$149 per truck load (6′)

The price of your junk removal Avoca IA job is based on three factors: type, size, and time. The type refers to volume rates, bed-load rates, and required surcharges. The size refers to the amount of space your junk takes up in the truck; the volume will determine the price bracket. Keep in mind certain items contain surcharge prices because of their special recycling needs.


Junk hauling services in Omaha may offer bulk or itemized pricing, depending on the type of waste. Usually, a Avoca IA hauling company will look at everything and determine a final price based on the materials involved, the manner in which the company charges (by truckload or by item) and your location in proximity to their company’s base and the landfill.

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Home improvement is very exciting: your living environment gets better, and so does your mood. The only thing that can ruin your joy over that new floor or upgraded kitchen is the trash that is left behind after the work is done. Don't let that happen to you, hire our Omaha Cleaning Services crews and we will restore the pristine environment of your home and reveal the true beauty of whatever you just paid to install. We offer two kinds of post-construction cleaning: minor and major. The difference is simply in the amount of time needed to clean up. Use this as a rule of thumb: if the contractors spent more than a week at your home, you likely need major post-construction cleanup. If after seeing the packages and prices below you are still not sure about what category your project falls in, call Service Omaha at 402-401-7562!


    Minor construction debris removal

Walls washed

    Hard to reach areas such as behind appliances and under furniture cleaned

    Bathrooms completely and thoroughly disinfected and scrubbed

    Kitchens completely and thoroughly disinfected and scrubbed

    Sinks thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed

    Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

    Floors swept and mopped

    Walls washed

    Hard to reach areas such as behind appliances and under furniture cleaned

Windows cleaned inside

    Air conditioner filters cleaned

    Blinds cleaned

    Inside and outside of cabinets cleaned and items placed back

    Vanity top cleaned (more time may be required to remove and replace items on top)

    Mirrors cleaned

    Trash emptied

    Vacuum and/or wash floor

    Countertops and backsplashes cleaned (all items removed and replaced)

    Appliances cleaned on the outside

    Window sills cleaned

    Fingerprints removed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates

    Carpets vacuumed

    Baseboards washed

    Door frames cleaned

    Cobwebs cleared

    General straightening up

    Thorough vacuuming of upholstered furniture

    Bookshelves (only upon request, please keep in mind this task usually consumes a lot of your purchased time)

    And much more if needed and time allows! (Please tell us when placing your order if you have added requests)


The team at Service Omaha at 402-401-7562 provides customized construction cleaning services in each of the following categories.  These services are available anywhere in the beautiful state of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.  We can provide green cleaning products, standard products or a customized mix of both to fit your specialized needs.  Contact us today for your free bid!

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services in Avoca IA

Residential Construction Cleaning Services in Avoca IA

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Post-Renovation Cleaning Services in Avoca IA

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AVOCA IA 51521:,_Iowa

Avoca is a city in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, United States. The population was 1,506 at the 2010 census.


Avoca was founded in 1869 in connection with the construction of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad through the area.[4] It is named after Avoca in Ireland. It quickly developed as a regional service center for the surrounding farms.


Avoca is located at 41°29′N 95°20′W (41.4790, -95.3373).[6] The city is sited between the West Nishnabotna River and its East Branch.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 2.13 square miles (5.52 km2), all of it land.


Historical populations

Year       Pop.       ±%

1900       1,627     —   

1910       1,520     −6.6%

1920       1,482     −2.5%

1930       1,673     +12.9%

1940       1,598     −4.5%

1950       1,595     −0.2%

1960       1,540     −3.4%

1970       1,535     −0.3%

1980       1,650     +7.5%

1990       1,497     −9.3%

2000       1,610     +7.5%

2010       1,506     −6.5%

2016       1,513     +0.5%

Source:"American FactFinder". United States Census Bureau. and Iowa Data Center


U.S. Decennial Census

2010 census

As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 1,506 people, 662 households, and 436 families residing in the city. The population density was 707.0 inhabitants per square mile (273.0/km2). There were 711 housing units at an average density of 333.8 per square mile (128.9/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 98.8% White, 0.2% African American, 0.1% Native American, 0.1% Asian, 0.1% from other races, and 0.6% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.9% of the population.

There were 662 households of which 28.5% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 51.7% were married couples living together, 9.5% had a female householder with no husband present, 4.7% had a male householder with no wife present, and 34.1% were non-families. 29.9% of all households were made up of individuals and 13.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.27 and the average family size was 2.78.

The median age in the city was 43.2 years. 23.4% of residents were under the age of 18; 6.1% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 22.4% were from 25 to 44; 29.3% were from 45 to 64; and 18.7% were 65 years of age or older. The gender makeup of the city was 48.9% male and 51.1% female.


Best Handyman Services in Avoca IA 51521 Painting Fence Repair Handyman Home Maintenance Drywall Remodeling in Avoca IA– Service Omaha 402-401-7562