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Looking for cabinet installation services and cabinet installation tips ideas? Check us Service Omaha 402-401-7562! Installing wall cabinets frees up counter space, adds additional storage space and improves the look and functionality of your kitchen. To make kitchen cabinet installation easier, follow these steps. Photos, from video: courtesy Mark IV Builders. Hanging cabinets is easy. The tricky part is scoping out the room to make sure everything fits and compensating for floors and walls that aren't always square, level, or plumb. While this list is not exhaustive, it gives you a good idea of what is going to be required to install your cabinets. Please note that none of the hardware needed to install the cabinets is included with your order. Mark Up the Wall First. A good cabinet installation starts with a good layout. Remove Cabinet Doors and Drawers. Shim Large Bows. Start With the Upper Cabinets. Clamp, Drill and Fasten. Use a Block of Wood for Scribing. Use Good Screws. Fasten the Back, Then Shim. Explore your options for installing kitchen cabinets and browse helpful pictures from Service Omaha 402-401-7562.