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Best Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting Omaha

Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 Provides High Quality Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

Kitchen remodeling is often the most expensive home improvement project, but what if you could get an updated look at a fraction of the cost? You can, with Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 cabinet services.

The cabinets in your kitchen are a main focal point, so their appearance can make or break the look of the entire kitchen. If you are unsatisfied with how your cabinets look, refacing, staining, or painting them may be the affordable solution you’re looking for.

Refacing involves changing the aesthetics of the outside of the cabinets, while keeping the cabinet boxes intact. It is therefore a perfect option for functional cabinets that just need an updated look.

At Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 we can perform the refacing, staining, and painting work that will transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Here’s how the Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 process works:

    You take the first step by requesting your free estimate
    Our team will get back to you to confirm your request and set up an appointment

    We arrive to evaluate your project – to view your cabinets and listen to your concerns, requests, and overall vision for the project – then provide you with a reasonable estimate to perform the work.

    Once you accept, our painting technicians get to work. They end each workday with a thorough cleaning so you can continue to use your kitchen throughout the duration of the project.

    When the project is complete, you will be amazed by the before and after. Refacing and painting is completed at a fraction of the cost of buying and installing new cabinets, and the work completely transforms the look of your kitchen.

Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 offers refinishing for all cabinets in your home, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and entertainment systems. We offer
painting, staining, and refacing including antique and decorative finishes. We also offer a range of other related services such as caulking, drywall and plaster repair, molding installation, and more.

Omaha Cabinet Refinishing

To provide you with an example of the dramatic transformation that can take place, here are before and after photos taken from a complete cabinet restoration job in Omaha NE. Our skilled team took the light oak that was weathered and old and made them look new again - for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new kitchen cabinets! 

Cabinet Staining Omaha

Staining your existing cabinets can be a cost-effective way to bring new life into existing cabinetry. Below are photos from a project we completed in Omaha, where we stained kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, hallway cabinets, bar stools, bar wood, pantry trim, mantle, front door and the even the linen cabinets!

Omaha Cabinet Painting

The cabinets are a primary focal point in the kitchen, and adding a fresh coat of paint is a great way to enhance the look and feel of this space. Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 takes a step-by-step approach to ensure each cabinet painting project has a "factory finish" look. Here's a short video by Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 that walks you through our process.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets, Ceilings, Walls And More? 2017-2018 average prices Omaha NE! Call us for our estimate!

Omaha Cabinet Painting Cabinet Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cabinet Repainting Services And Cost In Omaha NE - Service Omaha 402-401-7562

You can add more life to the woodwork in your home with a fresh coat of paint. Our interior painting professionals can provide cabinet refinishing and woodwork at a fraction of the price of installing new wood fixtures.

As part of our carpentry painting services, we can add paint finishes to the following:

Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 Cabinetry Refinishing and Painting Process

For cabinetry projects, we remove hardware and cabinet doors. Our painters then re-install the door hardware and re-hang the doors once we have completed painting the cabinets. When you have a need for carpentry repairs, as well as carpentry painting, call Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562.

Ready to have the trim, built-ins, and cabinetry in your home professionally painted?

Schedule your free, detailed estimate appointment now!

Top Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Omaha

Are your cabinets ready for a high-quality paint or stain? Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 is a full-service cabinet painting and finishing company. We can do just about any look you want on your cabinetry.

Cabinet Painting & Finishing Services

  •     New Cabinets (paint or stain grade)
  •     Change painted Existing Painted Cabinets-changing color
  •     Convert Oak or Other Hardwood Cabinets to a Quality Painted Finish
  •     Apply a Distressed Look, Crackle, Old World or other Unique Glazing to your Cabinets
  •     Removal of Hardware and Reinstall
  •     Sprayed or Hand Brushed Options
  •     Solid Colors or Light Antique Finishes Staining & Lacquering of Existing Wood Cabinets
  •     Stripping Old Finish and Restaining

#1 Staining & Refinishing Woodwork Cabinetry

  •     Refinish Kitchen Cabinets
  •     Stripping & Refinishing or Glazing
  •     Entertainment Systems (paint, stain or faux finishes)
  •     Custom Antique Stains & Distress Finishes
  •     Wood Handrails & Stair Spindles
  •     Entry Doors & Thresholds

Unique Cabinet Paint Colors

A growing trend amongst homeowners is to update their existing kitchen cabinetry with a unique paint color.  Painting your existing cabinets can work wonders to provide a space with an entirely different look and feel. Whether you're looking for something bright that will stand out, or are going for a subtler look, our color consultants are ready to help you find the perfect unique paint color that will compliment your existing counters, backsplash, floor and appliances.

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Articles

At Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 we love sharing our expertise. Below are a few resources we've published on our blog on the topic of cabinet painting, staining, refacing, and refinishing:

    Should You Paint or Replace You Kitchen Cabinets?
    Painting Kitchen Cabinets Can Enhance Your Home's Value

Why wait? Request your free estimate today. You can even email us a few photos of your cabinets to save you time and discuss pricing over the phone with our cabinet painting experts.  While you're here, feel free to view our cabinet portfolio.


Professional Cabinet Staining and Painting Omaha

How to paint kitchen cabinets:



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Cabinetry Refinshing Options

  •     Painting
  •     Staining
  •     Refacing

Cabinetry Services

  •     Quality sprayed finishes (on or off-site)
  •     New or Existing Cabinetry (paint or stain grade)
  •     Stripping of Existing Finishes
  •     Careful cleaning and preparation before applying any paint materials
  •     Custom Cabinet Finishing
  •     Caulking Services
  •     Antique Finishes
  •     Historical Restorations
  •     Decorative Finishes


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Looking for a cabinet painting service? Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 offers professional cabinet painting, cabinet repainting, cabinet refinishing and cabinet repainting services. Contact us today to get a free estimate. You can, with Service Omaha Painting 402-401-7562 cabinet services. The cabinets in your kitchen are a main focal point, so their appearance can make or break the look of the entire kitchen. If you are unsatisfied with how your kitchen cabinets look, refacing, staining, or painting them may be the affordable solution you're looking for. Bathroom Cabinet Painting & Finishing Services. New Cabinets (paint or stain grade) Change painted Existing Painted Cabinets-changing color. Convert Oak or Other Hardwood Cabinets to a Quality Painted Finish. Apply a Distressed Look, Crackle, Old World or other Unique Glazing to your Cabinets. Removal of Hardware and Reinstall. Located in Omaha Nebraska

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

If your cabinets look old or dingy after years of use, consider revitalizing them with paint. Painting kitchen cabinets is less expensive than refacing or refinishing them, and it also gives you the opportunity to choose a new color scheme -- one that is just as vibrant or as neutral as you'd like it to be. With paint, the opportunities are endless.

The average cost to repaint kitchen cabinets is about $1,000, depending on the number of cabinets you have to paint and the time and labor required to do so. The materials used to paint the kitchen cabinets -- brushes, primer, paint, sanding equipment -- will cost up to $200 if you decide to buy them yourself. If you don't want to sand or scrape away the old paint, just use a deglossing agent, This is especially useful with shiny paint types. Be sure to remove handles, knobs and pulls to avoid splashing paint on them.

Paint can improve the look of your cabinets, but it can't get rid of the problems inherent with bad cabinet design or structural issues. Some cabinets made from cheap materials will continue to wear quickly over time. Cabinets including vinyl paper will peel and be harder to fix than those that don't. Particle board cabinets can sag or even break in the right conditions; they should be replaced rather than painted.

Cabinet Painting Considerations

Depending on the type of kitchen cabinets you have, the process involved with painting them will vary -- and so will the price. For example, custom cabinets -- which often are not stained before they are sold -- require significant prep work to ensure a lasting paint job. If you have custom cabinets, you might consider sending them out for preparation or hiring a cabinetry contractor to apply a finish before they're painted. You might also consider whether it is worth painting custom cabinets at all, as it may cost more to prepare them for paint than it will cost to actually paint them.

Paint Type

You also need to consider the type of paint you're going to use on the kitchen cabinets, as this will impact the price and longevity of their appearance. The quality of paint you apply will determine how quickly or slowly it wears, as well as whether it chips and is resistant to water, dirt and grime. The most common types of paint for kitchen cabinets are oil/water-based and latex paints.

Oil and water-based paints may include alkyd resins for a varnished look. Many professionals use them when applying a topcoat to kitchen cabinets because they form a good, hard and durable surface -- and they're not susceptible to much damage during their drying period. Some oil and water-based paints, however, can give off indoor air pollutants. Many homeowners particularly look into alternative paints containing low- to zero- volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Latex paints are another option for homeowners looking to paint their kitchen cabinets. Latex dries quickly, is easy to use for DIY projects and can easily be wiped away with water. The drawback of latex paint is that it takes longer than oil- or water-based paints to dry -- almost two to three weeks -- and kids and pets must be kept away for as long. Any homeowner who decides to use a latex paint should make sure that it is 100 percent acrylic since it has great durability and adheres better to the base material than vinyl latex paints.

Paint Color

What color paint should you use? In most cases, it will depend on the design of your kitchen. Some popular cabinet colors include:






If you have children, you can also paint your cabinets with chalkboard paint, which will allow them to draw or write notes and then easily clean them off. You can also mix and match colors if you're feeling particularly creative. If you're uncertain about which color works best in your kitchen, you can always consult with an interior designer or painter.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Door?

Another small painting project that revitalizes your home is painting exterior and interior doors. Door paint can chip away with repeated use, age and climate conditions. Hiring a painter or spending some time on the weekend repainting your exterior and interior doors can help to increase your home's curb appeal or match your interior doors to your decor as part of a larger project. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $100 for an interior door paint job to up to $400 for an exterior garage door paint job, depending on the number of doors and any additional labor. There are two types of doors you'll have to repaint and a few different ways to approach them:

Flush (Flat) Door

If your doors are flat, you will mainly use a roller. You will also have to use a brush to smooth out any blotches left by the roller. Rollers are the best way to cover a large surface, preferable to taking a brush and trying to get the whole door in one go. Doors with a mahogany veneer in particular have a very rough texture, so you might have spots that are harder to paint completely. You should sand the door as much as you can before priming and painting it.

Raised-Panel Door

If you have a raised-panel door, you will start with a brush and paint with the grain of the wood and around the panels. Then you will paint the panels from the top pair, including the stiles, muntins and rails. Then you will do the same with the lower pair. You will repeat the process if there are more than two pairs. If you attempt to start with the panels before the rest of the door, you could accidentally paint part of the stiles or muntins, which will cause it to dry prematurely and mess up the coating of the door. Use a paint conditioner to keep the paint wet longer.

Interior Door Costs And Considerations

The average cost to paint an interior door ranges from $50 - $200 per door.

Changing the color of your interior comes with many considerations. First is the color of your walls. If you have brightly colored walls, your interior door should be brightened to match them. The opposite is true with darker colored walls. The frame should also match the interior door, so it doesn't seem out of place in the wall.

Here are some other tips for painting an interior door:

    Paint the door while it's still in the frame and on its hinge, or it might not fit back into place when you're finished. You can also paint both sides more easily by leaving it on the hinges.

    To clean the door, use a sponge dipped in rubbing alcohol. It's the best way to get off any grime -- and it will partially sand the door at the same time.

    If you're painting over oil-based paint with another type, sand and prime it first. Otherwise the new paint won't adhere well.

Front Door Costs And Considerations

The average cost to paint a front door ranges from $100 - $300 per door.

Do not use paint intended for interior doors on your exterior door. While interior paint is strong, it cannot handle outdoor climate conditions. The best paint to use on exterior doors is 100 percent acrylic latex paint. This paint is both flexible and chemically ready to handle harsh climate conditions -- and it won't allow for dirt, grease or rust, so your door will be easy to clean. Just be sure to thoroughly scrub the door ahead of time so you're not covering grime in a layer of paint.

Choose a color for your exterior door that commands attention. The color can help complement your landscape or your home. It can be a bright welcome sign or something a little more subtle. You can also choose a color to relay emotion. Bright colors are energetic, while darker colors are calming. Pick a color that suits your personality and your house's design.

Garage Door Costs and Considerations

The average cost to paint a garage door ranges from $200 - $500.

Your garage door is a major exterior feature, and it should be kept in top condition at all times -- both in terms of function and appearance. If the paint on your garage door is flaking, chipping, peeling or cracking, repaint the door as soon as possible. You should also consider repainting the door if it no longer matches the rest of the house or the garage exterior.

Garage Door Materials

Consider the material of your garage door when choosing paint. If a wood garage door has cracks, rot or bubbling, peeling paint, it might need a new paint job; however, if the wood is too rooted or cracking away in large chunks, you'll likely need to replace the entire door or have extensive repairs done by a garage door professional.

Metal garage doors are usually coated with an enamel finish that should last for a long time. If you choose to paint over the enamel strictly for cosmetic purposes, be aware that you'll need to maintain the paint job every five years on average. If the enamel happens to wear out for some reason -- climate conditions, wear, age -- it should be addressed immediately. This could be particularly serious if the metal is exposed and starts to rust. Also, some metal paints suitable for a metal garage door may wash away and stain your driveway; it is best to consult with a garage door professional before choosing which type of paint to use on a metal door.

Paint Required

How much paint will you need for a garage door? Metal doors typically require less paint than wood doors, though it depends on the square footage. You will also need less paint if you're freshening up the original paint color. You'll need more paint if you're changing the color of the door, especially if you're going to a drastically bright shade.

The best colors to paint a garage door are white, brown or grey. Hues like green, red and blue can also look nice, but these can be more difficult to maintain. A wood garage door may be stained, but be aware that this requires regular maintenance. If you aren't certain about how to proceed, garage door professionals are well equipped to recommend paint types and colors.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Walls and Ceilings?

If you want to increase the appeal of a room without completely redoing it, repaint one wall or the ceiling. Doing so allows you to try out a new color and it also helps to renew your ceiling in case it has wear, small cracks or other problems. You won't have to spend much money on paint with this project; and if you don't like the color or decide you need to go more neutral to sell the house, it's easy to go back and change the wall later. Painting the ceiling also gives you an opportunity to stencil or draw patterns in a child's room, an art studio or another room you'd like to personalize.

The average cost to paint one wall will fall between $100 and $200; the average cost to paint a ceiling will fall between $150 and $300 -- in both cases, this will depend on the paint selected and the square footage.

More on Painting Accent Walls

Accent walls allow a homeowner the chance to experiment with a new color. You can go bold with a bright color, keep it neutral or go dark with something somber or relaxing. The greatest benefit of an accent wall project is that it's relatively cheap -- and it can bring a dull room to life with little time and effort.

Which wall should you paint? Choose a wall with maximum focal point potential. Follow your eyes:

    Living room: where the fireplace or the TV is situated
    Bedroom: the wall that your bed sits against
    Complement or showcase a collection or piece of art or furniture you'd like to highlight
    Open up or close a room (ex. an accent wall on one end of a narrow hallway to provide a lengthening effect)

Once you've chosen your accent wall, select a color that will accentuate -- and complement -- the room (You don't want to choose a bright color when everything else in the room is dark.). If you're unsure, consult with a designer about what might best suit the room -- or choose a few different paint cards and place them against the wall to try them out for a few days. A good rule of thumb is to paint the accent wall a few shades darker than the walls around it.

Once you've painted your accent wall, you should:

    Move your furniture around to balance and show off the wall.
    Add a few items around the accent wall so it isn't bare.
    Have a few friends over to determine whether you've chosen the right wall and adjust items accordingly.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Trim?

You can also make your home look more appealing by painting the trim. Repainting your molding, baseboards, wainscoting, windows and doors can renew the beauty of those areas without costing you a fortune on replacement or repair. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $600 for professional trim painting, depending on square footage. Painting trim is time consuming and requires patience. A small brush must be used, as rollers are too large for most trim.

Tips for Painting Exterior Trim

If you decide to repaint the exterior trim of your home, always begin at the corner and brush smoothly away from it. Use a brush made for small panels. Do not try to add another coat of paint before the first layer has dried completely. Remove the windows and doors if possible; otherwise, apply painter's tape to avoid blotches.

Here are some other tips to ensure a professional and smooth exterior trim job:

  •     Prepare the surface with a paint shaver or hand scraper so the paint properly adheres. Sand afterward and apply epoxy or caulk as needed, depending on the material of the trim.
  •     Make sure any caulking or epoxy applied has thoroughly dried.
  •     Clean the trim with a mixture of water and bleach and use stiff, bristled brush to get rid of dirt, mold and grime. Rinse thoroughly before applying paint.
  •     If you have wood trim, you will need to apply a layer of primer before the first coat of paint. You should use primer that repels water and preserves the wood.
  •     Gables, eaves, dormers, windows, porches, stairs and gutters should be approached from the top down. Use a paint shield if needed and scrape away the splatters.
  •     Windowsills that have been particularly worn down by the elements might need additional coats of paint.

Tips for Painting Interior Trim

Akin to painting exterior trim, you can paint interior door and window trims to refresh your home without spending a fortune on repair or replacement. Over time, these areas become particularly worn down by age and repeated use of the doors and windows. You might also install new trim and paint it to match.

If you want to include a design in the trim, you can do something called ?cutting in? with painter's tape. Painters create designs, patterns or lines by laying down painter's tape and painting over or around it. You can also do this with masking tape by ?masking out? the areas you don't want painted and removing the tape after the paint has completely dried.

To prepare the trim, you will need to sand it thoroughly and apply a primer. After the primer is dry, sand the trim again and apply the first coat of paint. Do not sand the trim or apply the second coat of paint until the first coat is completely dry. Otherwise it could come out looking uneven.


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