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Omaha Carpet cleaner knows that one of the best things about living in Omaha is the great outdoors.  But you don’t want to bring the dirt into your home and carpet; we all want to have a clean and tidy home and clean carpet. It is even more difficult to keep your home clean if you have children or dogs and cats.  Carpets are especially vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt and stains.  Unfortunately, when your home’s carpet looks dirty, the whole house looks dirty.  Carpets are not just for walking; they are where we watch favorite shows, play with the kids, and snuggle with pets.

Do you love house cleaning, Omaha?  Perhaps it is not a favorite activity, but everyone wants to have a sparklingly clean house.  The technicians at Omaha carpet cleaning are the experts at getting carpets clean and pristine, without you having to lift a finger, much less the clunky carpet cleaning rental machines.  Omaha Carpet Cleaning steps: inspect the carpet, carefully move furniture, vacuum, treat spots, thoroughly clean the carpet, apply our signature stain preventing treatment, and perform a post-treatment inspection with you to make sure you are satisfied with your carpet cleaning.

Benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned by Omaha Carpet Cleaning:

  • Omaha carpet technicians use a powerful truck mounted system to remove stains, spots, and contaminants. 
  • Expert carpet cleanings extend the life of carpets –Ground in dirt and debris gets degrades the fibers. 
  • Absolutely no hidden fees! Omaha carpet cleaning provides a free written in-home estimate
  • Professional treatments prevent future stains. Our fabric protector protects against future stains with
  • Expert carpet repair services available at Omaha carpet cleaning

Dirt hides in carpets, even if your carpet looks clean. Without visibly appearing dirty, one square foot of carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt. The accumulation of dirt negatively affects the air quality and cleanliness of your home. Dirty carpets also hold allergens like pollen, dust mites, and dander that get stirred up and released with each step taken. Omaha professional carpet cleanings will remove allergens.  Has your carpet become stained?  Omaha carpet technicians are the experts at stain removal.  Cleaning carpets every 6-12 months will prolong your carpet’s life and prevent stain buildup. Depending on traffic levels, carpets can be cleaned less or more frequently. We are committed to being the best carpet cleaners in Omaha Nebraska.

Omaha Carpet Cleaning is accredited

Omaha carpet cleaning is certified and follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) methods for carpet cleaning. Omaha residents can depend on the IICRC because it is an international, independent, third party, non-profit certifying body that develops consensus-based standards and best practices on cleaning and restoration.  We have the highest customer service standards and are committed to providing the carpet cleaning Omaha residents can depend on.

Why Choose Omaha Carpet Cleaning?

At Omaha Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we have been in business for over 10 years; we are the experts on carpet cleaning. We are always committed to providing cleaning services that leave your carpet clean, plush, and stain-free. Because we want you to be thrilled with our services, Omaha Carpet offers a complete satisfaction guarantee.If you are not 100% satisfied with our carpet cleaning, we will RE-CLEAN your home’s carpet. 

We also offer carpet cleaning services in Council Bluff and Bellevue!



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