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Best Christmas Light Hanging Service and Cost in Omaha NE 



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Local Christmas light installation company: Are you looking for a Professional Christmas lights service provider near Omaha NE? Then you should come to the right place which is Service-Omaha. Light up your homes for Christmas by Service-Omaha. Christmas Lighting Installation or hanging Services! We offer both indoor & outdoor Christmas lighting installation. Cost? Free estimates. Call today or send us a message now! Why mess with tangled Christmas lights and wires that don’t work half the time, scary ladders, climbing trees, and roof top close calls. Let us turn your house into a holiday winter wonderland or a simple yet elegant custom design this Christmas with our holiday and Christmas lights and decor installation. Best Christmas Light Hanging Services in Omaha!

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Make your home sparkle with beautiful lights and decorations this year to celebrate the holiday season. We provide holiday light installation for many homes and businesses across Omaha. We provide unparalleled service and excellence when you need your home decorated for the holidays.

This holiday season, avoid the tangles, mess and hassle of digging through endless boxes of holiday decorations stuffed into garage corners and attic crawl spaces. This year you don’t need to brave the cold winds, attaching lights to your rooftop while balancing on a dangerous ladder.

Our certified technicians will safely, accurately, and elegantly install breathtaking holiday decorations that will light up your home with beauty and glee. We offer full-service design, set up, take down, and even storage, all included and guaranteed!


Service-Omaha offers a comprehensive
Christmas Lighting Installation services in Omaha, with over 10 years of experience our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction towards our Christmas lighting services in Omaha NE

Are you looking for a Professional Christmas lights service in Omaha?

Then you should come to the right place. Let the Christmas lights in Omaha to come your dream true through us.

We are the commercial Christmas lights service provider in Omaha to turn your home into a remarkable Christmas light decoration with a personalized lighting.


The Christmas season is one of the most wonderful time of the year, but it can turn into the most unpleasant season of the year if you have to decorate your house with Christmas lights because it takes a lot of hard work and possesses a great risk of an injury. So, without any hesitation hire the best Omaha Christmas Lighting Decorators in Omaha, which is us (Service-Omaha) and remove all the hazard of injuring yourself. Our professional decorators expertise in the field of designing and installation of Christmas Lights for residential and business properties in Omaha. We have been building an eye-catching Christmas lights display in Omaha from the past 10 years, from decorating a Palm tree with small mini lights to designing new Christmas trees with small LED lights, we do everything.


It’s been over 30 years since Service-Omaha opened our doors. Since then, we have been providing thousands of clients with the most professional and exciting holiday lighting/displays found anywhere in the nation. We are known as the leader in our industry because we take the time to learn and meet the unique requirements of every client. Our premier crew of designers and installers will work with you to bring out the best of your property’s unique characteristics.

There are many benefits of having a professional Christmas light and display installation.

  • Avoid spending time in the cold weather
  • Eliminate the physical risks of being on roofs & ladders
  • Flexibility of design each year
  • Spend more precious time with family and friends

With our help, you might just win the best decorated Christmas house award!


It has been proven over the years that businesses that are decked out in professionally installed, attractive holiday lighting and displays receive back a huge return on their investment.

Here are some great reasons to light up and decorate your business location:

  • Greatly encourages customers’ holiday shopping mood
  • Makes you stand out from competition
  • Substantial increase in foot traffic
  • Lifts the spirits of employees, which creates a better shopping environment


On average, homeowners pay $296 for professional installation of their exterior holiday lighting, with a typical range between $201 and $493. The light strands alone cost between $80 and $300. Installation adds another $120 to $300 to your budget. For multistory residential projects, the total price can go up to $1,500.

On Thanksgiving weekend, your neighborhood will start to light up with Christmas decorations. It brightens the lawns in the dead of winter and dresses up your home. Hiring a pro can turn your property into a showcase for the entire neighborhood while making sure the wiring and installation is safe.


Most professional lighting installations range between $120 and $300 for labor alone. You can hire an individual by the hour at a rate between $40 and $90. Larger companies that bring their own lights offer packages that cost between $200 and $900 and include the strands, installation, and takedown.


Experts typically charge between $1.25 and $3.00 per linear foot. That includes all aspects of the installation, but not the lights themselves. If you don't own your own holiday lighting, add another $0.50 to $2.00 per foot to that cost depending on the type of bulb you purchase. Clarify whether the per-foot quote includes takedown after the season.

Prices by Home Size

A small ranch home may only cost $120, while a multi-story residence can range up to $1,000 for installation alone. The size of your home will be one of the largest factors in the price of your holiday lighting installation. The more space you need to cover, the more money you will spend on both lights and labor.

Hanging on a High Roof

Expect to pay $150 to $1,200, or about 20% above regular installation prices if your roof and eaves are difficult to reach. That increased budget is due to the special equipment, like extended height ladders, your installer might have to bring for the job. Any cost increase should be mentioned in the initial quote.

Holiday Lights Wiring

If you need to install new electrical wires for the lights, hire an electrician for $50 to $100 per hour. Most installation pros won't install outlets or ground outdoor wires. They do provide extension cords and stakes to keep lighting in place.

You may choose to use timers for your holiday lights, which cost between $10 and $30 per unit. Some wreaths come with small battery packs to keep them illuminated without a cord to trip over. Some lighting may also work with battery power. Discuss options with your pro.

Christmas Lights Price List

On average, Christmas lights cost between $80 and $300. That's based on a price of $4 to $30 per strand. Most strands feature 100 to 200 bulbs. Expect to use 10 to 20 strands to cover an average-sized home between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet.

When you buy holiday lighting as part of a professional installation, you may pay by the foot. Expect anywhere between $0.50 to $2.00 per linear foot for the bulbs alone.

The type of lights you pick will affect the cost of installation. Options range from standard lights to LED lighting, dome bulbs, and C9 alternatives.

Incandescent Lighting

Expect to pay between $4 and $10 per incandescent strand. This is the traditional and most common choice of lighting. Incandescent bulbs cost the least but use more energy compared to LED and other premium options. They also burn out quickly.

Price of LED Christmas Lights

LED bulbs average between $6 and $25 per strand. They typically last longer than other types and are brighter. They also use less electricity, making them more energy efficient. However, LED is more expensive and will raise the costs of your installation.

Dome Lighting Costs

Dome bulbs are smaller and round, ranging between $5 and $15 per strand. They give off a soft, wide-spread light and come in a variety of colors. Use them for landscape lighting and other spaces in which the focus is on brightening a larger area.

C9 Light Bulbs for Christmas

The price of C9 lights fall between $10 and $30 per strand. These bulbs are larger and put am especially bright emphasis on your home or landscape. Individual strands are as long as the other options above, but you get fewer lights per strand in comparison.


If you don't want to buy the entire holiday lighting set, you can rent lights from your installer for a package price of $200 and $550 including installation. In this scenario, the expert will install their own set, and take them back down after the season is complete.

Renting Christmas lights costs more than installation alone, but less than purchasing the lighting set. That makes sense if you want to try out professional installation once. Beyond that, it can get expensive because you must pay for the lights every year. As an added benefit, you don't have to worry about storage in the off season.


Most Christmas light installers quotes are based on hourly and per-foot rates, which is why they tend to be similar to each other. Cutting corners can lead to hastily installed lighting that doesn't actually look consistent or beautiful. Worse, bad wiring can endanger people and property.

Here are a few tips can help you save in good conscience:

  • Choose accent areas rather than covering your entire home with lights.
  • Check with your installation pro on whether you can purchase your own lights.
  • Install timers that turn on lights only during evening hours.
  • How Do I Get the Best Price on Christmas Lights?
  • Even if you're looking to get the best price on your light set, don't take shortcuts. Simply buying cheaper lights means that they'll burn out faster.
  • Instead, buy your lights after the season. Stores sell their excess inventory around January and February. You can save up to 80% on regular prices once the new year starts.


On average, permanent holiday lights cost around $3,500 to install. In exchange, you get decoration that lasts for years. The only additional price will be replacing your LED bulbs every four to six years.

Can I Hire an Installer to Hang Lights out of Season?

Some installation experts are available year-round. They get busiest in October and November, when most homeowners are looking forward to Christmas. Business starts to slow down in December, before January gets busy with takedown work. Between February and September, you might get lower rates.

How Many Holiday Lights Do I Need for My House?

How many light strands you need depends on your home's size and your decorating needs. Roughly, you can plan with 10 to 20 strands for a basic decoration on the exterior. Start with 100 lights for your eaves, then add 10-20 additional bulbs for each awning you want to cover. Each tree or large shrub will take between five and 10 strands.


Decorating your own home will save money. Hiring a pro for your Christmas lighting installation can be expensive, but provides significant benefits:

  • A plan on how to maximize the effect of the lighting.
  • Safe wiring that accounts for snow and water exposure.
  • Time-saving installation and takedown
  • To get these benefits, you have to find the right expert. Find a Christmas light installer near you, and learn about their pricing. Invite them to your property and get a quote. Then, work with them to make your home beautiful for the holiday season.


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