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Professional furniture assembly is available for homes and offices. Handymen and furniture specialists can be hired to assemble just one piece or multiple pieces of furniture. People most commonly hire pros to help assemble beds, desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, entertainment centers, dressers, outdoor furniture and playground sets. Most professionals can get the job done regardless of the make and model and whether the instructions are available or not. Many furniture assemblers also offer pickup and delivery of furniture and disassembly services. Several factors affect the cost of services.

Hourly rate

Many handymen and furniture assemblers have hourly rates for their services. The more time an assembly project takes, the higher the cost. Some companies charge for a minimum number of hours, so it pays to plan ahead and have multiple assembly jobs done at one time. Here are some examples of hourly rates:

Service Omaha 402-401-7562 charges as low as $30 for furniture assembly services.

Per piece

Some furniture assemblers charge by the piece, with a flat rate for each item. This type of pricing is especially common with Ikea furniture and other commonly assembled items that the pro can confidently approximate the time needed.

Minimum price

Furniture assembly pros may charge a minimum fee for their services. For example, a professional may typically charge $30 to assemble a nightstand but will charge a higher minimum rate even if there are no other items to be assembled. The minimum fee helps cover operating costs such as time, gas, transportation and so on. For example,
Service Omaha 402-401-7562 Furniture Assembler in Omaha NE charges a $60 minimum fee for services.


Geographic factors that affect the cost of furniture assembly services include the level of competition in the area, the cost of living, and whether it’s a city, smaller town or a rural area.


Travel is generally included in most furniture assemblers’ flat rates or hourly pricing. However, some may charge an additional fee if a customer’s home or office is outside the professional’s standard service range. This additional cost helps cover the assembler’s time and transportation expenses traveling to and from the job site. Service Omaha 402-401-7562 Furniture Assembly charges a $10 travel fee for extra far distances.

Cost-saving strategies

Ask whether the professional offers any discounts. Some furniture assemblers offer seasonal specials and year-round price reductions for groups such as military members, seniors and students. Service Omaha 402-401-7562 Furniture Assembler offers 10 percent off for college students.

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How Much Does Furniture Assembly Cost in Omaha Nebraska? For instance, the cost of installing a kitchen cabinet in Omaha could fall between $80-$210. Whereas, the same costs somewhere between $80 to $290 in Austin, Texas, and Ashley, Ohio. The average costs for assembling different types of furniture is listed below. However, some may charge an additional fee if a customer's home or office is outside the professional's standard service range. This additional cost helps cover the assembler's time and transportation expenses traveling to and from the job site. Service Omaha 402-401-7562 charges as low as $30 for furniture assembly services. Service area includes Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion NE and Council Bluffs IA.

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