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General Living Areas:

  1.     High dusting – cob webbing, dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, doors, mantles and decorative molding
  2.     Low dusting - baseboards
  3.     Dust window sills and sashes
  4.     Dust blinds/plantation shudders
  5.     Clean glass doors
  6.     Dust and vacuum closets
  7.     Vacuum and mop hardwood floors with hardwood floor cleaner
  8.     Vacuum return air vents
  9.     Spot wipe fingerprints off walls around light switches and door frames


  1.     Vacuum and mop bathroom floor (if hardwood damp mop only)
  2.     Clean countertops and sinks
  3.     Clean mirror
  4.     Wipe down cabinets
  5.     Vacuum floors, drawers, cabinet, base boards and door trim
  6.     Mop floors and wipe down baseboards
  7.     Scrub down toilets inside and out
  8.     Clean tub and shower stalls (will treat mold with Clorox) removing all soap scum and polishing all plumbing fixtures
  9.     Clean glass shower doors and scrub tracks

Bedrooms and Closets:

  1.     Clean Cobwebs
  2.     Dust window sills and sashes
  3.     Dust blinds
  4.     Dust baseboards
  5.     Vacuum carpets (if wood floor damp mop)
  6.     Wipe down switch plates, doors and base boards
  7.     Dust and vacuum closets

By Special Request:

    Sweep Garage, Porch or Deck


  1.     Empty refrigerator/freezer and clean thoroughly
  2.     Clean microwave inside and out
  3.     Clean stove and wipe out oven - if it has been self-cleaned and cooled
  4.     Vacuum and wipe down drawers and cupboards
  5.     Wipe down cabinet fronts
  6.     Wipe down counters
  7.     Clean kitchen sink and polish fixtures
  8.     Polish all stainless steel appliances
  9.     Vacuum and mop kitchen floor (if hardwood damp mop only)




Whether you’re just moving in or about to move out, you might not have thought about an important factor for both: cleaning. Cleaning before or directly after you move in might not be your biggest concern, but cleaning your rental space before moving out could help ensure return of a security deposit. Read our tips and checklists below to make sure your apartment is sparkling:

Moving In

Cleaning can be tricky during the move-in phase. Depending on when your lease starts and when you physically move into your space can determine a lot. If you have a few days in between the two, take the time to visit the apartment and do some overall cleaning and double checking of appliances, faucets and other things that might need attention before you begin using them. If you notice something that wasn’t a problem during your walk-through, or if you didn’t have a walk-through, be sure to contact your landlord or property manager to ensure it’s fixed before your official move-in.

Before Move-In Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum and/or steam clean carpet
  • Lightly wipe down surfaces
  • Clean bathtub and toilet
  • Open a window (weather permitting) to allow fresh air in
  • Check vents and air filter
  • Check faucets for potential leaks
  • Clean refrigerator and freezer

Once you have officially moved your stuff in and the dust has settled, then you can clean and begin to “nest”. This cleaning will be a little more detail-oriented, since the space is officially yours and movers won’t be tracking anymore dirt into your space.

After Move-In Cleaning Checklist

Dust, wipe down and sanitize surfaces
Mop and/or clean non-carpet floors
Windex windows and mirrors

Moving Out

While moving in can be less stressful when it comes to cleaning depending on how tidy you are in general, cleaning when moving out can determine whether you get your full security deposit back or not. Follow the checklist below to make sure you leave your space in good shape for the next renters:

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Vacuum and/or steam clean carpet
Double check for potential stains on carpeting and remove best as possible
Remove all nails, staples and hanging strips from the walls
Remove scuffs from the wall using a magic eraser
Remove all food and trash from the apartment
Cancel all utilities for that specific rental
Do a move out inspection with your landlord to discuss any, or lack thereof, damages

Keep in mind that you were probably not the first person to live in your rental space and you most likely will not be the last, so treat the space as if it were your permanent residence

Whether you're coming to or going from a home or office space, moving creates quite a mess. There is enough stress involved with out this worry. Let Service-Omaha take care of the dirty work! 402-575-9272 www.omahahouseholdservices.com Follow us at social media. We provide moving help, movers, move out deep cleaning services.

Move-in/move-out cleaning




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